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Ahman Green: Batman Forever


When it comes to fan obsession, Ahman Green lives it from both sides. As star running back of the Green Bay Packers, he is idolized by Cheeseheads everywhere. And whom does Green idolize? It's his favorite superhero - Batman. So while millions of Packer-backers transform their Explorers and Escalades into enormous blocks of traveling cheese each week, all Green can do is shake his head and laugh.

That's because in the Packer parking lot sits a different car that's been transformed. The only difference is, Green's doesn't reek of Parmesan.

NFL Under the Helmet: Word around Green Bay is that you've been spotted in comic shops snatching up everything Batman. What kinds of memorabilia do you collect?

Ahman Green: I have comic books, movies, trading cards, and of course I have the Batman video game for PlayStation. Then, around my house I have all kinds of Batman models, statuettes of Batman and Robin, and a mural in my kids' room with Batman on one side and the Powerpuff Girls on the other. And I didn't even mention what I did to my cars.

UTH: Did you buy the Batmobile off eBay?

GREEN: No, my obsession doesn't go so far where I'm looking to buy the actual Batmobile, but I did put Batman emblems on both my trucks and my car. If I'm not going to have the real thing, I might as well just make my own Batmobiles.

UTH: Did you rig any of your Batmobiles with cool gadgets or smoke bombs?

GREEN: [laughs] My gadgets are more of the modern-day type. I have a DVD changer and PlayStation, but no Batarang or smoke bombs.

UTH: When did you first become a Batman fanatic?

GREEN: When I was a kid, I read all the comic books and watched the old Adam West series with all the "Pow! Bang!" action. Then when they came out with the movie starring Michael Keaton, that just made me even more of a fan.

UTH: What is it about Batman that draws you to him over other superheroes?

GREEN: For one, everything he does he works hard at it. He doesn't have any superhuman strength or any powers that give him an edge, it's just hard work that pays off. Batman gains respect from the other heroes and villains by just being an average human being who uses intelligence and willpower to be stronger and better than anyone who steps in his path.

UTH: We know you like Batman, but who is your favorite villain?

GREEN: I like The Joker. He seems to be the one bad guy who really rattles Batman, and when they battle, those are always the best stories.

UTH: There's a new movie coming out with Batman versus Superman. Who do you think will win?

GREEN: It depends. I think if they straight-up fight, Superman will win, but Batman's always just so clever. Like I said before, Batman's not the average superhero who has to depend on his powers for victory. Batman can out-think Superman, and I think he'll come up with some sort of strategy to win.

UTH: What actor would you like to see play Batman in the movie?

GREEN: Other than myself? [laughs] I want to be Batman ... why not? Why not a black Batman? Ain't nothing wrong with that. If it wasn't myself, I'd say go with Michael Keaton again...if he's not too old by now.

UTH: If they didn't cast you as Batman, would you like to play a villain?

GREEN: I would rather play Batman or one of his allies. I like to think of myself as more the hero type.

UTH: What do you think of Robin - weakest link or good friend to have in a pinch?

GREEN: I like Robin. You always need someone to watch your back, especially when you've got all these villains patrolling the city trying to get a piece of you.

UTH: If you're the Batman of the Packers, who is your Robin?

GREEN: [laughs] I don't think I have a Robin right now. I think I'll avoid this question, as no one wants to be Robin. Besides, nobody really looks that good in his cape. [laughs] I don't see a Robin on this team, but one thing's for sure with the Packers and around the league, there sure are plenty of Jokers.

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