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Ahman Green Chats, Plays Video Game Against Fans


On Tuesday Packers running back Ahman Green played in a game but did not carry the football once.

Green participated in the latest installment of the Xbox Live "Game With Fame" program. He played Halo2 against fans from around the country and communicated with them through a headset.

The running back played several games against about 15 people at a time. He clearly enjoyed himself while playing the video games, often laughing at the players' comments.

"It's my hobby. It's fun. It gets your mind off of other stuff," Green said. "That's why Brett [Favre] goes hunting after a game. That's why guys go fishing. That's why guys like to race cars or paint. My thing is Xbox."

Green said he would like to play as much as 10 hours-a-day but usually plays one to two hours-a-night. His day job as the Packers' leading rusher in 2005, however, has prevented from playing for two months.

The other players chatted with him over headsets regarding a variety of subjects from his love of cars to asking how Favre was doing. Several were Packers supporters, telling him: "You've got to teach Cadillac [Williams] how to run in the NFL."

Another fan apologized for shooting at Green.

"Sorry, Ahman," the gamer said. "This is the only thing I'm good at. You can dominate me at football any day."

Of course some opponents rooted for the Chicago Bears or Minnesota Vikings.

"A lot of it I can't repeat," Green said. "It gets vicious."

In the game Halo2, futuristic super-soldiers defend Earth by killing aliens. Before playing Halo2 against fans, Green competed in Madden '06 against Carolina Panthers running back DeShaun Foster for a feature in an October issue of Sports Illustrated.

Other celebrities who have participated in the Xbox Live "Game with Fame" program include Ludacris, The Strokes, Hoobastank, Three Doors Down, Incubus, Buffalo Bills running back Willis McGahee and Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney.

Green often plays against another frequent gamer, linebacker Nick Barnett. That practice seemed to pay off on Tuesday.

"I did pretty well," Green said. "I had 13 kills."

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