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Angst forbidden today; come back tomorrow

Davante Adams' knee likely topic of concern


Roger from Indianapolis, IN

A few weeks ago, both Minnesota and Green Bay were trashed by teams they eventually played in the postseason. Minnesota almost beat Seattle after being routed a few weeks earlier. Actually, they outplayed the Seahawks. The Packers will face Arizona after being trounced by them a few weeks ago. I think the mindset can be upgraded and we will see a prepared Packers team that has some swagger back. Your thoughts, Vic?

I think that's an excellent analysis, except for the swagger part. I don't think you can go into any team's stadium swaggering after getting beat there 38-8 a few weeks ago. I think the Packers will go to Arizona this week with a better idea of what they're facing and what they'll have to do to win, and that's worth a whole lot more than swagger.

Sean from Baltimore, MD

Three weeks ago, after the debacle in Arizona, I came here and declared us one and done in the playoffs. In the first quarter, it looked like the Packers would prove me prophetic. Every time I'm ready to write these guys off, they punch back. I'm here to eat crow. Let me have it.

Vanessa Gail Dorsett, intensely dramatic. Goodbye Marjorie. See you soon.

Steve from Beaver Dam, WI

Since I know the subject of field goal holders will be a topic of conversation following the Vikings' loss, why is it the majority of teams use their punters as the holder? It used to be the backup quarterback, something that seems like it would make more sense, considering having an experienced passer would increase the threat of a fake.

The backup quarterback is practicing with the offense when the holder is practicing with the kicker.

Freddie from Edgemoor, SC

Vic, the Packers' win was awesome but, to me, the game of the weekend was Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati. For the not-well-adjusted, it was a beautiful game. How does it rank among the Steelers rivalries you've covered?

It's the new Ravens-Steelers. I think it even had some Raiders-Steelers in it. There's something not well adjusted about that whole division. The AFC North is its own league. They play a different game and, apparently, according to different rules. The AFC North title really means something to those teams. That's why I like divisions built on regionalism. What you saw on Saturday night was no hype. That's the real thing. I get a lot of emails from fans wanting to know if the game means as much to the players as it does to the fans. It did to those guys on Saturday night. They were playing above the paycheck.

Jon from South Saint Paul, MN

Can we just have one day for the Pollyannas like me? It's been a very tough year (especially as a 10-6 team, which ain't that bad), and after the glory of last night's game, I dread the thought of digging deep to find problems under this haystack of effective play. So, for just this one day, can we leave the analysis and player grading to Coach McCarthy and his staff and just enjoy this? Well, I'm gonna, anyway.

Yes, I am issuing a moratorium on angst today. Everybody, have a good time. Take your family out to dinner tonight. Talk about your day. Smile, laugh, be happy. We'll go back to being miserable tomorrow.

Sam from Greer, SC

We are 1-0, Vic, with an offense that seems to have found its confidence and put together more big plays in one game than it seems to have all season. I'm excited for the rematch against a very good Arizona team. I'm really hoping we have Bakhtiari, Shields and Adams back in the mix, especially after seeing Rollins and Randall get banged up last night. Who do you think could be the difference-maker for the Packers in the rematch with the Cardinals?

It has to be Aaron Rodgers. He's "The Man." He was the difference-maker in Washington. He has to be the difference-maker in Arizona. The Packers will go as far as Rodgers takes them. Never take him for granted. We're guilty of having done that.

Pat from Freehold, NJ

How is Davante Adams today?

That's the $64,000 question. After the game, he said his knee was a little sore but he thought he'd be fine. He emerged as that big-play guy on Sunday. The Packers need him. The condition of his knee will likely be the major media question of the week.

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