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At this point, upsets shouldn't be a surprise

How many Packers jerseys will be in CenturyLink Field?


Jeff from Saint Paul, MN

When Mike McCarthy began using five wide receivers in a formation, defenses usually responded by blitzing. I rarely see blitzes now against the five wide. Is that because Rodgers is so successful against blitzes, or have defenses found a better way to respond to that formation?

I'm inclined to believe there's a higher percentage of sacks out of an empty-backfield formation than out of other sets, for the obvious reason that an empty backfield invites the rush, but against Rodgers, you know the ball is going to come out quick and to the hot receiver.

Chris from Croton, Ontario

Vic, can't we be the bad guys for once?

It's not in the Packers' DNA to be bad guys.

Ramiro from Mira Loma, CA

Vic, what if it's NFL upset weekend. Which would be more surprising, and which do you think is more likely, a Colts or Packers upset?

A Packers-Colts Super Bowl wouldn't surprise me at all. When you get down to the final four, you're talking about the best of the best.

James from Bettendorf, IA

Vic, I'm tired of hearing all of the national media and the Seahawks fans giving the Packers no chance to win this game. They have to play the game. In the words of Coach McCarthy, "We're nobody's underdog."

I don't like playing the Rodney Dangerfield card. It's too soft. Go play! Go win!

Nick from Water Mill, NY

Vic, I can appreciate the team being respectful of an opponent. It's professional, but I'm sick of the praise and accolades spewing from the mouths of players and coaches alike. You don't hear it coming from Seattle. I can't wait for the baloney to stop. Just hit someone, and hard.

If the goal this week was to avoid bulletin board material, it was achieved.

Lee from Bismarck, ND

Vic, what is your opinion of the Seahawks' fans?

I'll let you know after I see how many Packers jerseys are in the crowd on Sunday.

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