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Beat the three that beat the Packers?

Badgers need to be able to run the ball


Andy from Appleton, WI

Your comment about Terry Bradshaw being the best athlete you have covered was interesting. How come he is always left out of the greatest ever conversation? It always includes Elway, Marino, Montana, Brady and Manning, but never Bradshaw?

How many of those quarterbacks played in the '70s? It was not a quarterback-friendly era.

Connor from Grand Forks, ND

Vic, will the Badgers win the Big 10 championship on Saturday?

Will they be able to run the ball on Ohio State? If the answer is yes, they'll win the Big 10 championship.

Mark from Middle River, MD

Yesterday, I broke down and broke the bank and bought a snowblower. About every other year we get a killer storm and I'm getting too old to shovel 175 feet of driveway. Any keys on how I should approach my first snow?

Make sure you're blowing it downwind.

Kairos from West Sacramento, CA

Vic, if you had the power, where would you start a new NFL team? And what would you call it?

Los Angeles is the place. The NFL must return to Los Angeles. The name Rams belongs in Los Angeles. That doesn't mean the Rams have to move, it's just that the name should.

Michael from Elizabethtown, KY

I think it's very possible the last three games the Packers play (before the Super Bowl) could be the three teams that beat us. Starting with the Lions in the last game of the season, then the Saints and Seahawks, all at home. That's my Christmas wish. Can you think of a better scenario?

I like that kind of drama. I can write that.

Nikola from Maribor, Slovenia

What do you think the biggest advantage for the Packers will be Monday night vs. the Falcons? The obvious answer would probably be they have a pretty average pass rush, and if you give Aaron time, he's going to tear you apart. What comes to your mind when you think about it?

Give Aaron Rodgers time to throw and get open, and he'll take it from there.

Jesse from Eagan, MN

In a previous edition of your column, you answered a question about Green Bay's weakness with your answer being that you see them having no weakness. You don't really believe this, do you? A team with the worst run defense in the NFL has no weakness? That's incredible. That is all.


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