Bevell Welcomes Increased Role


When Darrell Bevell was promoted to offensive assistant in April of last year, he was shouldered with the task of grooming Brett Favre's successor.

His promotion Tuesday means that the 33-year-old is now shouldered with the task of grooming Favre as well.

Named the Packers' new quarterbacks coach by GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman, Bevell becomes responsible for the productivity and development of all Packers quarterbacks.

"If Coach Sherman wants something conveyed to Brett, I will be the person to communicate it to him now," Bevell explained.

Coaching a three-time NFL MVP could be considered a mixed blessing.

On the one hand, Favre already possesses know-how and talent that are perhaps second to none. On the other, suggesting to a future Hall of Famer that an area of his game needs improvement isn't a job for just anyone.

Challenging as that balance may be, Bevell said he isn't intimidated by the idea of coaching a football legend.

"I have a full understanding of what we're doing with this offense and what Coach Sherman wants out of the position," Bevell said.

"Just because Brett's a Hall of Fame player doesn't mean that he can't improve on things. Every player at every level, whether a rookie or a 12-year veteran, there's always things that you can improve on.

"Brett wants to improve and Brett wants to be coached, and that's where I can help."

Bevell's promotion also helps the coaching staff as he now will assume the day-to-day responsibility of conducting quarterback meetings, freeing up extra time for offensive coordinator Tom Rossley to use as the offense's needs dictate.

About to begin his third season with the Packers, the former Wisconsin Badger is excited about his increased role.

"With every promotion comes higher expectations, which I welcome," Bevell said. "I appreciate the fact that Coach Sherman is giving me this great opportunity, as well as all of the help and support that Tom has given me the past three years.

"When I was hired in 2000, Coach Sherman talked about there being a definite plan. Maybe the first year I was here the thought of coaching Brett might have been intimidating. But now I'm confident that I know what Coach Sherman wants out of that position, and I'm ready."

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