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Big games are what it's all about

Everything about December football is better


Alex from Fort Wayne, IN

December football is here, Vic. Out of 15 games this week, only six had teams scoring 30 or more points, and some of those were bad teams being blown out. The playoff hunt is in full swing, and these are the kinds of games I wait all season for. What are your thoughts on this week's slate of games?

As I was lying on the couch yesterday, I couldn't help but think how much better the football was on Sunday than it was at the beginning of the season. Everything about football in December is better. It's as though a bell rang on Dec. 1.

Gary from Davenport, IA

Vic, it appears Ohio State was rewarded because of their lopsided victory in the Big Ten championship game. Do you think this sends the message to coaches to run up the score, especially in late-season games?

Yes, I do, and I think it's wrong and it wouldn't happen if teams could achieve their goal by doing nothing more than winning. As long as the system includes subjectivity, it will be this way. It should be win and in, not judge and in.

Mack from Turtle Creek, PA

Vic, are you surprised at the implosion of the 49ers?

I'm stunned by it. That's a very talented team. Why has it happened? That's the question the 49ers will spend the offseason answering.

Paul from Reno, NV

Vic, it appears the Packers are headed for a showdown for the division title and possibly homefield advantage. Isn't this perfect for the fans and team? I remember when Green Bay wrapped up the season in 2011 so early it appeared it took the mojo out of them when the playoff game came.

I agree. I get the sense a lot of Packers fans would be happy if the league awarded the Packers the Lombardi Trophy before the season began, but what fun would that be? This is what it's all about. It's about big games that make your heart beat faster. It's about losing, too, because losing makes us appreciate winning. Don't try to avoid these games. Welcome them; embrace them. They let us know we're alive.

Rolf from Vanlose, Denmark

Vic, now that Seattle, Arizona and Detroit all won, do the Packers' playoffs, in the sense that they have to win out, start tonight against the Falcons?

That's a little over the top, but not much.

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