Brett Hundley was 'right on the money'

Packers' assistant coaches discuss players' progress


GREEN BAY -- The Packers' coordinators and offensive assistant coaches met with the media after practice on Tuesday. Here's a recap of some of their key comments.

Offensive line coach James Campen
(on getting the depth chart sorted out in a short time)

"Not that the urgency isn't here, but from a coach's perspective, we've got some time here to see what we've got. We've got two weeks."

(on being comfortable with Evans)

"I feel comfortable with him, yes. He's a good football player and a good man. Those are two very strong traits to have. He fits in very well with the Green Bay Packers."

QB coach Alex Van Pelt
(on Hill's running ability)

"I probably haven't coached as many quarterbacks as fast as he is. He has true long speed. That's a first."

(on Hundley's play)

"It's exactly what we expected from him. After (the delay of game on the first drive), I thought he was right on the money. He played well. He's a very good leader in the huddle."

WR coach Luke Getsy
(on Janis in camp)

"Jeff is a really good football player. In the preseason he gets a lot more opportunities to make those plays. When we get into the season, maybe he doesn't have as many opportunities or at-bats. Two years ago, we got into the playoffs and he got those opportunities. The consistency needs to show up in the regular season, too. I've been moving him all around, doing all kinds of things, and I'm really happy to see his progress."

(on Allison's yards after catch)

"I've seen an improvement in his entire game. Geronimo from the day he got here, he's a footballer. He loves football. It comes natural to him. He's got really good instincts. You've seen him grow in stature and in confidence. Now that he knows what he's doing, you can see the confidence in the way he ran that route and making people miss ... You catch the ball in the middle of the field, you'd better be ready to take a blow, and he has no problem doing that."

TE coach Brian Angelichio
(on Rodgers with the finger splint)

"He got some playing time the other night, which was good, and he got out healthy, which is a positive. He'll be fine."

(on Kendricks)

"Lance is a guy with a tremendous amount of position flexibility. He can play inside, he can play outside, in the backfield. Extremely versatile, hard worker. I can't say enough good things about him and what he brings to the table."

RB coach Ben Sirmans
(on getting Montgomery back for part of practice)

"He's ready to do a lot more in there, but I told him to chill out, especially going through some of the physical stuff we did."

(on the rookies)

"One thing have to break certain rookies out of, when things aren't there, you just have to cram it up in there and get what you can. They still have that angst about them to try to create and make the big play, like they did successfully in college. In the NFL, things are going to break down in front of you, and you have to be decisive, hit the hole, and get yardage from there. They've definitely been improving in that category."

(on Kerridge's bid for a roster spot)

"I think he's making a pretty good argument. You can see he's gotten better from last year. He's tough, one of those guys that'll play through pain. He understands what the defense is doing."

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on the running game)

"It's not where we want it to be right now, but we've still got time. We'll continue to improve in practice and create more opportunities in the preseason games. We take a day-by-day approach, and the goal is to improve every single day."

(on how to improve)

"We have to play with great leverage. The aiming point and the footwork is the start of it. It's not just the young backs. It's the entire run-blocking unit."

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on Hawkins)

"He competes on the practice field, he gets up and challenges people, and when he got challenged in the game, he made plays. I thought he played tight coverage for the most part. He was in position to control the receivers. I think he showed progress in this game. I think he's playing with more confidence. He knows his assignments. He's been around here now."

(on Gilbert)

"Really a conscientious guy. He pays attention in the meetings. That was a big play he made there in two-minute, to come up with that sack. He'll get another good look Saturday night."

(on King)

"With a young guy that has his ability, you hope to see him get more comfortable with the calls and the system, and go out and play with the speed you have to play with."

Special teams corodinator Ron Zook
(on the long-snapper battle)

"It's a healthy competition. Brett knows what he can do, and I think (Hart) does as well. We didn't get pressured a lot (in the Washington game). The snap and the protection is what I'm concerned about."

(on Vogel)

"He knows he's just got to be consistent. He's got the leg to do it. He has to place the ball and give us a chance to cover it."

(on the muffed punt by Davis)

"If anything, don't take chances. Catch the football. I respect the guy because he wants to make a play, but he has to be smart, too. He started to run before he tucked the football. That's a young guy, experience thing, and he'll learn from it. I was glad Coach wanted to keep him in there. He caught a couple more, and he was fine."

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