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Brittany And The Boys Of *NSync


Brittany Favre with the *NSync crew.

What's the coolest thing about being the daughter of Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre? It's got nothing to do with football. No, it's off-the-field perks, like getting to meet your favorite band.

That was the case for 12-year-old Brittany Favre when she got to talk with the guys from *NSYNC. Brittany interviewed the band backstage before a recent show, asking the guys about their football favorites as well as what it's like to perform on stage. The interview was taped for a TV feature that will air Nov. 24 on "NFL Under the Helmet" (FOX, check local listings). Here are some highlights of the conversation:

Brittany: Do you enjoy making videos?

Justin: Well that depends on how much you enjoy watching them.

Brittany: I love watching them!

JC: Probably the best part about making videos is [that] the sky's the limit as far as our imaginations and what we want to see. But the thing that's cool is to see an idea happen even if it's far-fetched. Know what I mean? Like when we did "Bye-Bye-Bye." We fell out of the sky on a train or something. You can think of anything and make it happen in a video and that's why videos are so cool.

Brittany: Are you football fans?

Nsync: Yes.

Brittany: What's your favorite team?

Lance: Green Bay. Who's your favorite?

Brittany: That's a tough one.

Justin: This is good. Who's your favorite player? Big football fan?

Brittany: No ... I go to my dad's games just to play my Gameboy. There isn't anything to do.

Brittany: What is it like to perform on stage?

JC: It's a great feeling. It's about a million things rolled into one. The adrenaline of the crowd. It's the concentration of not messing up your dance steps. It's chaos but it's a good time. Every show is different. And every audience is different and sometimes, every show something will happen different.

Chris: Sometimes something won't work and sometimes you forget a dance move.

Justin: If you can mess up and make it look like you were supposed to mess up, then that's when you've mastered the art of arts.

Lance: That's what's cool about doing anything live though. Even when we do TV and it's live, we always mess up. It's just fun because you never know what's going to happen.

Brittany: Do athletes and musicians have a lot in common?

Lance: I think so. I think the training and everything is hard on your body.

Justin: A quarterback, for instance, he learns a play and he's supposed to go a certain way on that play and every time he has options of where he throws the ball. With choreography, you know it's like a play - every time we are supposed to go to a certain spot, except it's timed out a little more particularly.

JC: I think they both have to deal with the public a lot, too. We have to deal with fans and stuff like that just like a lot of athletes have fans and stuff like that. So we are used to the media.

Joey: They get to play stadiums and arenas, and so do we.

Brittany: What's the hardest part about being famous?

Justin: No sleep.

JC: Lack of sleep. You don't get any sleep. They keep you up all the time.

Justin: Athletes can relate to musicians in a sense that your job ... the stage is like our field, but still when you walk off the field or you walk off the stage, your job is not done.

Brittany: How was it playing at the Super Bowl halftime show last year?

Lance: That was fun. It was actually a dream come true because we grew up watching the Super Bowl every year ... So it was very unreal.

Joey: It was like "Aahhh!" It was quick.

Lance: We rehearsed all week for it and it was over in like two minutes.

Chris: It's a new tradition for me. I'm going to every Super Bowl from now on.

Joey: It's cool because the Super Bowl is usually me and Justin's birthday, so it's always fun.

Brittany: Who's your favorite football team?

Lance: My favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers and not just because of your dad.

Justin: I like the Titans since I'm from Tennessee, and I like the Colts because of Peyton Manning.

Chris: Steelers, born and raised. Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay. And a little bit of Minnesota.

Joey: Giants, because we're here in Giants Stadium.

Chris (to Joey): I thought you liked the Jets?

Joey: Anthony likes the Jets.

JC: I grew up with the Washington Redskins so I'm a Skins fan.

Lance: Your dad was a huge legend at Southern Mississippi. I remember that everyone would go see him at USM.

Brittany: Did you ever watch him?

Lance: Yes, me and my little cousin. I actually remember getting to meet him. But he wouldn't remember because I was little. It was cool.

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