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The offseason strength and conditioning program began for many of the team’s younger players on Monday, giving a chance to catch up with a few guys to get their thoughts on the past season, next season, and what they’ve been up to in between. Here’s what DB Jarrett Bush had to say ... More


The offseason strength and conditioning program began for many of the team's younger players on Monday, giving a chance to catch up with a few guys to get their thoughts on the past season, next season, and what they've been up to in between.

Defensive back and special teams ace Jarrett Bush emerged as a key contributor in 2007, his second in the NFL after being claimed on waivers by Green Bay as a rookie. Bush held the nickelback role on defense for a good portion of the season, posting 23 tackles (18 solo) and eight passes defensed. He also was involved in a couple of turnover plays on special teams, recording 11 tackles there.

Here's what Bush had to say ...

How does it feel to be back?

It feels good. At the same time, it feels kind of short, but it feels good to see your teammates. It's what we do, the camaraderie, just hanging out. It's good to see the coaches again and stuff like that. I'm just ready to get back to work and have a good season.

Looking back, can you describe the emotions of losing the NFC Championship? What do you remember most about it?

Probably that last two minutes, and that field goal, that's probably about it. You remember the cold, that was a big part of it. But you have to forget about it and move on. Let bygones be bygones.

Did you do anything in particular to help get over it, recover from it?

You just have to move on. A lot of people, especially when I went back home, they still want to talk about it. Like, 'how cold really was it?' You don't really want to talk about it, but you talk about it and you have to move on. To a lot of family members, they wanted to know what it was really like, if it was the coldest game ever. They want details, so it's hard, but you get over it eventually.

How did it feel to see the Giants win the Super Bowl?

It was bittersweet. I thought we should have been there, but at the same time, I was glad that they shut the Patriots down. But definitely bittersweet.

What have you been up to during the offseason?

I went to Arizona to hang out around the Super Bowl, then went back to California, back home. I went to Tony Palmer's wedding on Feb. 12, and then went back home again, and then from there I went back to Utah, and that's where I started training, back at my old college, and now I'm back up here.

Were there a lot of players at Tony's wedding?

It was me, 'Juice', 'Pep', Tony Moll, Jason Spitz, Daryn Colledge, um, I think that's all I can name off the top of my head.

What's been the biggest highlight for you since the season ended?

I would say people congratulating me on the success I've had so far, and people knowing who I am, especially going back to my high school and college. Showing the young guys the ropes and the way I talked to them, because I used to sit in their seats, it was good to be able to relate to them like that.

{sportsad300}If you had to grade yourself on your 2007 season, what grade would you give yourself?

I would say B-minus. It wasn't great, but I had a lot of things I could have done differently. That's what I'm trying to change now. Just changing eating habits, stuff like that, being more disciplined.

What do you think you need to do to improve on that? What's your primary focus during this offseason program?

Eating right, definitely. Eating right, and rest and recovery.

What was your personal favorite moment of last season, on or off the field?

I would have to say training camp. Me and Tony Palmer, we had a dance-off. It was the defensive backs versus the O-linemen, and it was pretty fun.

What are you most looking forward to about 2008?

Just to move up and get better than I was last year. Just to compete every day, improve on what I'm doing. It's a contract year for me, so I've got to be ready to play.

What can this team accomplish in 2008?

You saw from last year, we can do anything. With the big guy retiring, we have to move on. The team is still here, the world still turns. We have to keep playing and keep proving that we can play. We've got Aaron, and we still have to keep playing as a young team.

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