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Charles Woodson is getting his edge on

Raiders young team playing for wild card and future


Theologos from Athens, Greece

Vic, what will it take to be a look out team this year?

A hot quarterback.

K.J. from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, people are afraid. There is so much information and knowledge in this world. With that comes a feeling we should be able to use information to stop anything bad from happening. What used to be understanding of the risks has become being motivated purely by fear. There is no weighing of risk vs. reward, because the possibility of any risk automatically stops us from seeking any further reward. I don't think it's a problem unique to football, if you know what I mean. We need learn again the great possibility of being brave and taking risks.

We require more of your wisdom.

Carlos from Lima, Peru

Vic, I just wanted to say I'm saddened to read in the news Charles Woodson will enjoy "to make the Packers eat their words." Woodson is a great player and every Packers fan respects and admires Charles. Has he forgotten that?

Have you forgotten this is an edge game? Packers fans love warm and fuzzy, but that's for Hall-of-Fame ceremonies and tearful returns to Lambeau Field. Woodson's not ready for that schmaltzy stuff yet. He's still playing the game and he's got his edge on for this Sunday's game, which he should. I don't like warm and fuzzy. I like cold and edgy. All of a sudden, my interest in Sunday's game has been heightened.

Weng from Vancouver, BC

If and when Woodson is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, will he choose to be a Raider or a Packer?

Have you ever seen an inductee stand at the podium wearing a team's uniform during his acceptance speech?

Bob from Chilton, WI

Vic, wouldn't it be great if, come Wednesday, McCarthy and Clements revealed Clements was actually calling the plays vs. Dallas, and the two of them cooked up this deception to shut up the drone of McCarthy should take back the play-calling? Honestly, if we hadn't been told it was Mike calling the plays, how many of us would've been able to tell?

Not one person. The Packers opened the game in Detroit with three consecutive runs; they opened the Dallas game with four.

Sean from Little Rock, AR

Vic, do you think there would be any benefit to the Packers going to California and then staying on the West Coast through the Arizona game? Have you ever seen a team try something like this?

I remember the Steelers doing it in 1973. It was a disaster. Routine is important. What's an extra hour in the air, compared to a whole week of sleeping in your own bed and waking up on Christmas morning with the ones you love?

Charlie from Racine, WI

Vic, how do you prepare for the game each week?

By writing stories. Today I'll participate in the conference calls with Coach Del Rio and Charles Woodson, and I'll acquire information and a feel for the Raiders from those calls. On Thursday, I'll interview Packers coordinators for the "Scouting report" story I'll do on Friday, and I'll acquire information and a feel for how the Packers might approach this game. Every story Mike and I write during the week prepares us for what we'll see on Sunday and the stories we'll write about that game. Here's what I won't do: I won't spend endless hours watching tape I have neither the expertise nor inclination to evaluate and use to form opinions that would likely be incorrect and would mislead my readers.

Scott from Greensburg, IN

For those of us with limited knowledge of the Raiders, to which of the quarterbacks we've previously faced does Derek Carr most remind you?

I don't see a strong resemblance to any of them. Carr has Teddy Bridgewater's run-pass combination, and his youthful exuberance and limited experience.

Jonas from Tromso, Norway

Vic, what's your feeling for Sunday's game against the Raiders?

The Raiders are a young team playing for a wild card berth and what appears to be a bright future. Those kinds of teams can play hot and loose if they get a lead, or if they get the feeling they're winning the physical battle.

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