Clifton Update: Home From Hospital, Weeks From Walking


Packers offensive tackle Chad Clifton is home from the hospital, but it could be weeks before he is able to walk again, GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman said Monday.

Clifton is still recovering from the Warren Sapp hit that left him with separated ligaments in his pelvis, Nov. 24. After being carted off the field bound to a body board, he spent two nights in a Tampa hospital before being transferred to a Green Bay hospital, where he remained until last Saturday.

"He's in a wheelchair and struggled getting out of the wheelchair, according to the trainers," Sherman said. "He's three or four weeks away from just walking."

Sherman said Clifton could face surgery for the insertion of a supportive metal plate. That decision won't be made for another month however, allowing time for Clifton's pelvis to continue to heal naturally.

The Packers' second-round selection in the 2000 NFL Draft, Clifton was in the midst of his third NFL season, having started in 32 regular season games as a pro.

While Sherman has yet to make the move official, Clifton will be placed on injured reserve later this week.

Clifton's injury is not believed to be career-threatening, however Sherman said it was too soon to determine the full effect that the injury will have on the 26-year-old.

"Everything has to just kind of settle in place at this point," he said. "You hope things settle the right way ... He's going to be aggressive with his rehab, when he's able to start that, and do everything that he can to get back, I'm sure."

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