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Color-rush uniforms mandatory next season

It's OK to have expectations now


Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Vic, here comes the wild card team's better record should get home field advantage over a division winner discussion. Wouldn't that take away from division rivalries?

There's no need to discuss this. The last time a change was proposed at the owners' meetings, there wasn't enough interest to even bring it to a vote. The current system is the future system because the owners are committed to it and believe in it.

True from Greenville, SC

What is your favorite Christmas moment?

It's from Christmas, 1993. I got on the Steelers' team plane bound for Seattle that morning. I've never seen a gloomier group of men. The weather was gray and rainy, and the trip through the de-icing station only served to darken the mood. I remember thinking to myself, "It's Christmas. What am I doing on this plane?" About a half hour into the flight, the movie "Christmas Vacation" appeared on the overhead TVs. It was not warmly received, but shortly later, the plane was filled with laughter. When the movie ended, everyone was cheery. It's the best flight to the West Coast I've ever taken. Thus, my obsession with the movie began.

Joe from Hartford, CT

Vic, got to give a shout out to Ted Thompson on this year's draft. Randall, Ryan, Rollins, Montgomery all look like they will have promising careers. What a great job. Your thoughts?

How about Brett Hundley and Aaron Ripkowski? It's another blockbuster draft class for the Packers.

Jon from Rochester, MN

Vic, with your vast experience and time with the players and coaches, what's your gut telling you about the impact on confidence from the last win?

Before we get into the spirit of the thing, let's talk about the Packers' physical state for that game. This team had just completed a grueling stretch of schedule that began with games against two undefeated teams, and was finishing with four consecutive division games, the final two of which were back-to-back Thursday nighters. The Packers were tired and banged up. Yeah, they needed a win for their confidence, but most of all they needed a rest. I think we're going to see signs this Sunday of what that rest has meant to the Packers.

Matthew from Waukesha, WI

If we are not allowed expectations because they lead to disappointment, why are you allowed to have expectations in your inbox? All we do is disappoint you.

I'm OK with expectations late in the season. Why? Because they will be followed shortly by the truth we seek. I don't like preseason expectations. They're just too wild. They can't possibly account for injuries. With four games remaining in the season, I think we've got a pretty good handle on where the Packers are headed.

Jon from Rochester, MN

Vic, been reading your column for a few years. Great job with your column. Just a thought on the helmet comment from today. Not only would the head droop, but at some point the next link in the chain becomes the weak link, the neck.

I think everyone agrees lighter and stronger is the solution, along with continued pursuit for eliminating or at least limiting head-to-head contact.

Eric from Maple Lake, MN

Do you think our obsession with players like Jeff Janis and John Crockett has to do with a craving to find the next overlooked diamond in the rough, a la Donald Driver?

I think Packers fans have a special fondness for players from humble beginnings. I think Packers fans identify with players from humble beginnings. Not everyone can grow up in a wealthy town such as Natrona, Pa.

Tyler from Centerville, OH

The other day you said Adrian Peterson should be considered in the MVP race. Where do you feel Antonio Brown is in the MVP race? The man seems to catch everything that goes his way. Is the fact he's a WR hurt his chances in the MVP discussion?

Yes. The voters tend to favor throwers over catchers.

Dennis from New Richmond, WI

Vic, is it true the Packers told the league they wouldn't be wearing any color-rush uniforms for their Thursday night Lions game? I'm glad if they did. I would hate the boss telling me I have to wear their t-shirt. Some things shouldn't change.

It was optional for this season. Next year, it'll be mandatory.

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