Comments From Recipients Of Cancer Donations

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD), Milwaukee (treatment support)

ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis will use its portion of the proceeds of the Packers Breast Cancer Cap sales in its efforts to expand its services into the Green Bay and Fox Valley areas.

"ABCD is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Milwaukee, offering free, personalized information and one-to-one support to people affected by breast cancer. Begun in 1999, it operates the Breast Cancer Helpline to help with breast cancer issues and concerns; it matches newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with trained Mentors, and it provides breast cancer and breast health information, especially to the medically underserved.

Although ABCD's initial efforts were in southeastern Wisconsin, it has also assisted people from northern and central Wisconsin and northern Illinois. ABCD has been in talks with members of the medical community in Green Bay for the past year about beginning an ABCD chapter there. Earlier this year, a team of master's degree students from Marian College in the Fox Valley completed an analysis of the proposed expansion, and the team found a strong need and interest in the plan.

Packers Breast Cancer Cap funding will help ABCD offer its free, personalized services to people in the 14 counties of northeastern Wisconsin affected by breast cancer.

ABCD will train northeastern Wisconsin breast cancer survivors to mentor breast cancer patients, will offer its helpline services to northeastern Wisconsin and will work in the area to increase breast health and breast cancer awareness.

Melodie Wilson, President and Founder

Green Bay YWCA Encore Program, Green Bay, Wis. (treatment support)

"The Green Bay Packers and the YWCA have both been an important part of the Green Bay community since 1919. Over the years, the Packers organization has been a frequent and loyal supporter of YWCA programs and services.

"The monetary donation we receive from the Pink Cap For Breast Cancer campaign will be used to fund ENCORE, the YWCA's free support and exercise program for breast cancer survivors.

The generosity of the Packers and American Family Insurance enables us to continue to carry out the YWCA mission of helping local women lead strong, healthy lives.

Patty Payette, CEO

Gundersen Lutheran - Norma J. Vinger Center for Breast Care, La Crosse, Wis. (treatment support)

We are honored to be chosen as one of the recipients of a donation from the Pink Cap for Breast Cancer campaign. The Center is a nationally recognized model of interdisciplinary breast care and is known for its approach to early detection, efficient diagnosis, individualized treatment, and comprehensive follow-up care.

Each year the Center treats approximately 200 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. While the Center provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, Gundersen Lutheran's medical staff also fights breast cancer through research supported by the Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation. These services and research activities will be enhanced and expanded with this gift.

The Norma J. Vinger Center for Breast Care sincerely appreciates the generosity and hard work of the Green Bay Packers and American Family Insurance in the fight against breast cancer. On behalf of all the women who will benefit from this gift, thank you.

Dr. Richard L. Ellis, clinical breast radiologist and co-director of Gundersen Lutheran's Norma J. Vinger Center for Breast Care

Ribbon of Hope Foundation, De Pere, Wis. (treatment support)

The generosity of Deanna Favre to share her story and partner with the Green Bay Packers and American Family Insurance has not only raised mega funds for breast cancer research and support but it has also brought incredible awareness to this devastating disease.

Everywhere we go that women (and some men) are wearing the 'Packer Pink' there is a nod between the wearers. Often a conversation ensues...

Thank you for wearing the hat, I am a survivor.

My mother had breast cancer or

My friend is in treatment.

The stories unfold one pink hat at a time.

Ribbon of Hope is thrilled to be among the recipients of the funds raised by the Packer Pink hats! It allows Ribbon of Hope the opportunity to serve even more individuals with breast cancer in our community.

Thank you Deanna for your courage. Thank you Green Bay Packers and American Family Insurance for your support of the Packer Pink Hat campaign.

Meg Fay, Ribbon of Hope

St. Mary's Hospital - A Women's Place, Green Bay, Wis. (prevention)

When we opened our doors to the growing Hispanic community in the fall of 2004 via our Hispanic health educator, it resulted in a significant increase in the utilization of our services. We found that these women and children had many needs with basic healthcare being one. Most of the women had not accessed any preventive health care services at all including annual pap and pelvic exams as well as screening mammograms. Immediately, we became an access point for these women by assisting them via the Wisconsin Well Women's Program and providing education classes on breast self-exam and other health topics.

With the fund made available to A Woman's Place, we will provide screening and diagnostic mammograms and community outreach to the underserved women of Brown County via St. Mary's Hospital Breast Health Services and our Hispanic health educator. For example, a screening mammogram including the cost of the radiologist read is $220. This fund would also cover the additional cost of a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound up to a total cost of $500 per participant per year. Currently there are no federal programs or local grants that cover the cost of mammograms for women under the age of 35 who do not have insurance or the ability to pay. Many of these women are eligible for St. Mary's Hospital's Reproductive Cancer Screening fund that covers the cost of the annual pap and pelvic exam and a clinical breast exam. However, if a lump is found or there is any concern regarding breast cancer, that fund is unable to cover the cost of a mammogram.

Breast health education and outreach is critical in helping to improve the health of the underserved in our community. Teaching and encouraging women to perform monthly self- breast exams will be an area of focus with women of all ages including teens. As an example, we currently offer a class titled "I am Unique, I am Latina" for young girls and their mothers. We will incorporate self-breast exam teaching as part of the class. In addition, bilingual breast health education materials are important components of any outreach program and need to be purchased. It has become very clear to me over the past two years that the need is great and we are only limited by the financial resources available to us.

To quote former first lady Sue Ann Thompson, "It all begins with a healthy woman." Thank you so much for your generous support of our outreach programs for the underserved women of Brown County.

Jamie Babbitts, Director

St. Vincent Hospital Regional Cancer Center, Green Bay, Wis. (research)

The Green Bay Packers' commitment to help women with cancer from this region is remarkable, and we are most grateful.

We have been leading the charge in the fight against cancer in Northeast Wisconsin for as long as the Packers have been leading the charge on the gridiron.

This major gift will help local women continue to have access to cutting-edge cancer prevention, control, and treatment through St. Vincent Hospital's Regional Cancer Center . . . and we hope bring us one step closer to a cure.

On behalf of the 1,600 women from Northeastern Wisconsin who seek help at St. Vincent Hospital for breast cancer each year, thank you. Your kindness will have a significant impact.

Joseph J. Neidenbach, St. Vincent Hospital Administrator

UW Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Center, Madison, Wis. (research)

We are very grateful to the Green Bay Packers organization and American Family Insurance for this generous gift to the UW Comprehensive Cancer Center. Their generosity will help support breast cancer research and ensure that breast cancer patients throughout Wisconsin and the region continue to have access to specialized cancer care.

"The UW Cancer Center has been advancing innovative research and providing cancer care for more than a quarter century. This gift will carry on the tradition of Wisconsin excellence."

George Wilding, MD, Director

Wisconsin Well Woman Program, Madison, Wis. (prevention)

On behalf of the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services and the Wisconsin Well Woman Program, I would like to thank the Green Bay Packers Organization, American Family Insurance, and the Pink Cap for Breast Cancer Campaign for this wonderful gift. Your excellent work to raise breast cancer awareness in Wisconsin and across the country has been truly remarkable. It is an honor to be included in this event, and we look forward to working with you to provide needed health care services to thousands of Wisconsin women every year.

The Wisconsin Well Woman Program provides breast and cervical cancer screenings as well as other preventive health services to low-income, uninsured women ages 35-64.

We know that early detection of breast cancer saves many lives each year. With this generous gift, the Wisconsin Well Woman Program will be able to provide breast screenings to more women in every part of our state. The money will help increase the number of African American, Hispanic, Hmong and Native American women served by our program.

Again, I thank you for this wonderful gift, and we look forward to working with you to improve the health of all women in Wisconsin.

Gale D. Johnson, Director

Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, Hattiesburg, Miss

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