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Community Event 'Project LEAP' To Land At Lambeau Field Atrium March 14


The Green Bay Packers Thursday announced details for Lambeau Field Atrium's third community event, Project LEAP, slated to take place March 14.

Project LEAP! (Lambeau's Exercise and Activity Playground) will take place on the floor of the atrium, with activities scheduled from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is free to the public.

"With spring right around the corner and cabin fever affecting many area youth, we've planned a great day of exercise and activity to help families use some of their cooped-up energy," said John Jones, the Packers' executive vice president and chief operating officer. "Parents and their children can enjoy this free event which will feature many exciting activities ranging from testing children's athletic abilities and coordination to simply running, jumping and having fun."

The events, for children 4-and-older, focus on getting kids out of the house to enjoy some non-strenuous physical activity. Inflatable units, a mini-golf course and climbing walls are planned. A giveaway is featured as well.

"We're particularly excited about the Velcro Wall and Climbing Wall," said Cathy Dworak, the Packers' manager of community relations and the event's coordinator. "The Velcro Wall activity is one that is not often available for children in our area and is popular on Nickelodeon. The 25-foot Climbing Wall will be great fun, especially set up in the atrium."

Information sheets with event details were delivered to area schools this week for students to take home to their parents.

Activity highlights:

  • Jump House - An inflatable bounce unit in which kids can jump up and down.
  • Climb and Slide - It's a rule that all kids follow: Run to the nearest slide, climb up and slide down.
  • Putt-A-Lott - Golf fans will enjoy this nine-hole themed miniature golf course.
  • Obstacle Course and Slide - The inflatable, two-piece unit has obstacles such as an eliminator wall, a 10-foot tall slide and a climbing wall.
  • Rock'em Sock'em - Jousting taken to a whole new level. A tilting, inflatable platform that truly challenges the most athletic kids.
  • Bungee Run - The bungee competition brings the excitement of grid iron football. Two kids bungee run for a touchdown.
  • Velcro Wall - You can fling yourself against this crazy inflated wall. Jumpers bounce off the inflated base wearing a Velcro suit and stick to the wall with the aid of Velcro.
  • Climbing Wall - This attraction is a realistic looking, portable rock climbing wall that is 25 feet tall. With the aid of a harness and safety line, climbers scale the wall using rock-like handholds and are then lowered to the ground at a safe rate of speed.
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