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Construction Crews Ice Down Lambeau Field Surface


A cooling system will freeze the rink's playing surface.

Watch the progress on's **Lambeau Cam**.


The tundra has begun to freeze over.

To create the 2 1/2-inch thick layer of ice necessary for the Lambeau Field hockey surface, construction workers released water from a hose on Tuesday.

The process, which resembled a firefighter putting out a blaze, is common practice when creating the ice for a hockey rink.

Crew members took turns operating the hose all day and all night on Tuesday. The water will freeze because of a tube-lined cooling system. A 5 to 10-degree, non-toxic solution called propylene glycol runs through 32 miles of tubing.

"It will help freeze things up," said Patrick Seltsam, spokesman for Ice Rink Events.

Because of that system, Ohio State and Wisconsin will play on a suitable frozen surface during the Frozen Tundra Hockey Classic regardless of the outside temperatures.

The next phase, the painting of the graphics, will take place on Wednesday. Construction workers will paint logos depicting the Frozen Tundra Hockey Classic, Lambeau Field, Oneida Casino and the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

After the graphics go on, the crew will create a second layer of ice.

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