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Davis Thrilled To Serve As Honorary Captain

Hall of Fame defensive end Willie Davis hasn’t played a football game in 40 years, but Sunday’s going to put him pretty close to his playing days in an emotional sense.


Davis will serve as the Packers' honorary captain for the NFC Championship Game at Soldier Field against the Bears, and it's safe to say he's pretty fired up about it.

"I tell you, I was saying to myself this morning that I've got adrenaline about this almost like I did when I was playing," Davis said in a phone interview Friday with "I guess in some ways it's one of the many times I wish I was out there.

"But nevertheless, I'm extremely delighted and I feel very honored to serve in this capacity, especially around a game so important and all of the things that go with it."

With this just the second postseason meeting in the 90-year history of the rivalry, Davis of course never played in a Packers-Bears game with so much at stake. But he did play in 20 Packers-Bears games through the decade of the 1960s, and the Packers went 15-5 in those contests on their way to five league championships in that time.

In just the second Packers-Bears contest Davis played in, on Dec. 4, 1960, in Chicago, he blocked a punt and recovered the ball in the end zone for a touchdown that helped catapult the Packers to a 41-13 triumph.

"There was never a victory more pleasant than against the Chicago Bears, and for me, that was the beginning of something that lasted for 10 years," Davis said. "I can remember, we went into camp every year believing one of the things we had to do was beat the Bears.

"I remember almost every Bear game we ever had, and it was interesting because I lived in Chicago, so I had to live with whatever happened. What's been most surprising to me is this is the second time a Bears-Packers situation has occurred in postseason. I can appreciate that if we had a chance to eliminate the Bears, we would have played extra to do that, and I think the Bears would have done the same thing, as I think they tried to do this year with the Pack."

Davis, who lives in Los Angeles, is scheduled to fly to Chicago on Saturday. He said he has been given a tentative schedule that outlines the times on Sunday he will be on the field and upstairs watching the game from a suite.

"I have no intentions of returning to Los Angeles short of a big-time victory," Davis said.

He also praised this Green Bay team and Head Coach Mike McCarthy and his staff for all their perseverance in getting to this point.

"This has been a tough season with the injuries and all the other problems," he said. "To overcome that and still maybe have an opportunity to raise the banner as Super Bowl champs is absolutely unbelievable.

"I just want to say to Mike and his whole staff that, boy, what a great year they have put together for us, and I think we're all indebted. I'm really hopeful more than anything that we can have a couple more victories left in us that would have us at the top of this thing."

Update: The Bears' honorary captain for Sunday's game will be former defensive end Richard Dent, MVP of Super Bowl XX.

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