Dean Lowry is doing what 'we thought he would do' in Year 2

Key comments from the Packers' coordinators and defensive coaches


GREEN BAY – The Packers' coordinators and defensive position coaches met with the media on Tuesday afternoon.

Here are some of their key comments:

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers

On four turnovers against the Eagles:

We ended up with two interceptions. Marwin made a nice interception on the deep ball and the two fumbles on the sideline. Our pursuit and finish was good. We really had three balls on the ground we didn't get. It couldn't been a big takeaway game for us.

On the outside linebackers:

(Kyler) Fackrell and Jayrone (Elliott) are clearly the next two guys. You're going to see those guys play a lot through the preseason. We're going to give them opportunities. They both have the ability to make plays. It'll be kind of fun to watch them in this next preseason game. They're both athletic guys. They have the ability where you can drop them or rush them, give you flexibility with the defense.

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett

On Jamaal Williams and rookie backs getting up to speed:

If I go back and look at my experience, it's learning what to do as far as an assignment standpoint, and then from a fundamental and technique standpoint. Jamaal Williams is getting that down. The more reps he takes, the better. One thing that stands out is his ability to protect the passer. For a young guy to step into the situation … his attitude towards protecting the passer stands out. He'll continue to be consistent as far as his fundamentals.

On backup options at center:

It gives more guys opportunities to show what they can do. We feel good about those guys who have opportunity over next few weeks (of the preseason). One thing that shows up is their practice habits. When they get the opportunity on game day, it should show because they do it in practice.

Special-teams coordinator Ron Zook

On Brett Goode's return:

(Looks) like he's been doing it for a long time. He did well. When I put it together, I didn't pay attention to who's going to be in there. We're trying to get as many looks as we can for everybody. He looks good.

On Trevor Davis' returns:

I think Trevor did a nice job. The guy can return it, but punt return and kickoff return, we talked about doing a better job with our blocking. We were on our people and the drills Jason (Simmons) and I are working on are beginning to pay off.

On kickoff returner options:

I think Jeff once again needs to continue to do it. I'd like to give Trevor a look or two. You always have Randall as a backup. He's done it and he's done it extremely well. I'd like to get those young running backs some reps in a game to see what they can do.

Associate head coach/linebackers Winston Moss

On the young outside linebackers:

Going back to the game, I thought Calvin and Gilbert played exceptionally well. They made good decisions and took care of their pass technique. Otherwise, very good start for them as well as Talley and Josh. They took care of their gap control and did some good things in the rush. In Reggie's case, he had some pressure. I'm very pleased with the young linebackers' effort so far. Their grind has been exceptional in practice. They've taken full advantage so far of their opportunity.

On Vince Biegel being able to jump back in when he's cleared:

I'd like to say that. He's that type of guy, but until he's put in that situation you're never going to know. We'll just have to wait and see until the trainers clear him and we get him on the practice field. I'm anxious to see him. He's been waiting patiently. Getting him in the rookie orientation before he banged his foot up, you could tell this guy is 100 miles an hour. I'm excited to see what he can do when he gets his chance.

Defensive line coach Mike Trgovac

On difference in Dean Lowry:

I think probably 200, 400, whatever he did practice (and) game reps being inside. When we first got him, he was played outside most of the time. He's very smart. He does a good job of not repeating mistakes and he's very coachable. I think he's doing the natural process that we thought he would do. Obviously where we picked him, we thought he was a good football player. Some guys see it fast when they see it live and that probably describes him pretty well.

On Brian Price:

It wasn't so much extra time. We planned on working him hard and doing that with him anyway. We see a guy we're trying to develop in there and work. We wanted to get him a good amount of work, as well. He's been in there a bunch in practice and a bunch in the one game. Balancing between him and Kenny, trying to stay with him on that and have enough reps to get a good evaluation of him.

Safeties coach Darren Perry

On Marwin Evans:

He started out really well and then had a tough night Family Night. What I'll say is fear is a good motivator. He went out and did some good things Thursday night. Consistency is the big thing, but he certainly has the ability.

On Josh Jones' first preseason game:

I thought he started out well and then he had some rookie moments. He's getting better and doing some good things. He has a playstyle we like. He has to keep flying to the ball and hitting people. He has to limit the mistakes. … He just has to stay focused and understand you can't relax. You really have to be dialed in play-in and play-out.

Cornerback Joe Whitt Jr.

On LaDarius Gunter in the slot:

Gunt is a smart player. Playing the slot, you have to have control of our defense. We ask a lot of the star position and he has those intangibles. He's a good football player. He moves around (like the rest of the guys). Guys play inside and outside. He's one of them who can do it.

On the block on Damarious Randall against the Eagles:

No, Damarious did everything he was supposed to do. Just thinking about that play – that's the type of play we want to get out of this game. We're looking to grow the game and I want my son to play, and make this game as safe as possible. That's the type of play that shouldn't be in the game. Damarious did everything he's supposed to do. All the team has been prepped on that play exactly. There was an example of it from the Miami game years ago. It shouldn't happen. It's a shame that it happened. That's the type of play we want to get out of this game so this game can grow and be the great game that it always has been and will continue to be.

Assistant linebackers coach Scott McCurley

On competition at inside linebacker:

I like the way they've responded and handled it. We're trying to keep it in our room to compete with ourselves and keep everybody ready to go in different situations. I've been happy with the way they've competed and worked.

On Jordan Tripp:

Once again, I still like what Jordan brings to our unit. He's been around, been through different systems. His communication and awareness are really high. I think those things and his presence to the unit have helped immensely.

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