Desire To Win Brought Favre Back


The decision Brett Favre made to return to Green Bay this season wasn't easy, but it was rather simple.

"Ultimately I still wanted to play, I still felt like I could help this team win," Favre said. "I wondered what it would be like at home on Sundays next year and saying I could be doing that, I could be helping that team.

"Regardless of what decision I made, there will be regrets at times."

On the field inside the Don Hutson Center Friday, Favre began his 16th NFL campaign throwing completion after completion, moving in and out of the pocket and seemingly enjoying the nearly two-hour practice.

"He's eager," Head Coach Mike McCarthy said. "He's going to be challenged mentally in a way that he hasn't been challenged in a while because we have changed the offense. I think that's healthy.

"Brett Favre is a football player and I think he's in the environment that he belongs in."

The thought of that environment being another city never entered Favre's mind, according to the quarterback.

"My intentions, if I were going to play, have always been to play here," Favre said. "Never once did I say, 'I want to play, but I don't want to be on a 4-12 team.' I'm going to play as hard as I can and try and make a difference, and for the Green Bay Packers, not for anyone else."

With his decision behind him, Favre arrived in Green Bay straight from Mississippi. And he brought his usual Hall of Fame arm, championship smile and a tan you can't get during February in Wisconsin.

Without even knowing the first names of the newest faces in his receiving corps, Favre fell back into routine on Friday. He hit the open receivers, took some chances deep and handed the ball to second-year running back Samkon Gado. On Saturday Favre felt the effects of being a 36-year-old starter in the NFL.

"Physically," Favre said. "I had a light practice yesterday and a little bit this morning. My shoulder's a little sore, my ankles hurt, but I can't complain. I mean, considering I haven't done anything up to this point, I can't expect to feel great."

So now that he's back in the saddle, the biggest question is, when will he retire? And like a man who's been through this situation before he squashed every speculation in his first press conference since returning to the Packers.

"I'm going to play this year, give it my best and not talk about it. I'm sure it will come up somewhere else at some point, but it's been a distraction not only for me, but the guys that I've played with here in the past and I'm just not going to talk about it this year. Believe me I want to have fun this year and I want to go to the Super Bowl but I want to have fun and feel like I contributed one way or the other and make that decision later on."

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