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Did loss to Packers change the Cowboys?

Old-school football works in the postseason


Bill from Scranton, PA

I fully expect the Packers offensive line to win the line of scrimmage in the run and pass game. Early success by Lacy will allow Rodgers to take advantage of a Cowboys secondary that has surrendered 14 plays of 40 yards or longer.

I like your analysis. Run it between the tackles, and then use play-action to hit them deep. That's old-school football and it never works better or means more than it does in the postseason.

Kevin from Ladysmith, WI

Why does everybody think the cold weather favors the Packers this weekend? We sure didn't look good against San Francisco last year in even colder conditions.

I thought the conditions greatly favored the Packers in that playoff game, and I think it helped a depleted defense that was hanging on keep the score close.

Dave from Union, NJ

In my opinion, the biggest question for Rodgers and his lack of mobility on Sunday is does he get over his reluctance to throw the ball away?

Probably not. He'll probably express his courageousness by doing whatever it takes to make plays and play through the pain. That's what great players do.

Lee from Superior, WI

Mason Crosby's last two field goal attempts from around 50 yards have been blocked. Any concerns?

Yes, it's a concern because it's been a persistent problem.

Brandon from Houston, TX

Maybe they are giving Rodgers' injury too much weight. Not to chortle, but didn't Green Bay beat Dallas in Dallas with Matt Flynn not too long ago?

I honestly believe that game was a pivotal moment in Cowboys history. I think the beating by media and fans the Cowboys took after blowing that 26-3 halftime lead to the Packers last season caused the changes that have made this year's team what it is. Tony Romo is more efficient, and Jason Garrett is leaning harder on his running game, which he abandoned in the second half of that loss to the Packers last season.

Gary from Marshalltown, IA

Vic, is there a point at which the air temperature is so cold that the heating cables under the field are no longer effective?

I don't know, but my heating cable stops working when the temperature dips below 40 degrees.

Ron from Cherry Valley, IL

Vic, you must be a very intelligent man to give up your two tickets to a fan so you can sit inside the heated press box to watch the game.

Hey, it gets stuffy in there.

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