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Dom Capers digs deeper into playbook every week

Who are the favorites among Hall of Fame semifinalists?


Harry from Milwaukee, WI

Seems to me the true measurement of the impact of a running back should be total yards from scrimmage. A perfect example is Eddie Lacy's contribution against the Eagles. The media (and published stats) seem to only emphasize rushing-related statistics, where Lacy's contribution is not fully appreciated. Shouldn't we consider the bigger picture when evaluating a running back?

I think the media does. Currently, Demarco Murray leads that category with 1,514 yards, of which 1,233 are rushing yards. Lacy is currently 16th in the NFL in total yards from scrimmage with 869, of which 547 are rushing yards.

Kurt from Dubuque, IA

Is Dom's defense actually innovative or did he draw this from somewhere else? I mean, the hybrids and multiple position players; I don't remember this anywhere else.

I saw a lot of the same things in his "Blitzburgh" defense. Coach Capers has a deep playbook to which he keeps adding schemes. He selects according to his personnel. Last year, he didn't dig very deep into that playbook. This year, he digs deeper every week. What's that tell you?

Sean from New Richmond, WI

How are Tony Boselli and Herschel Walker not even in the top 25 finalists for the Hall of Fame?

Length of career is the issue. Tony's was cut short by injury. Walker spent much of his career in the USFL.

Juan from New York, NY

Vic, you've often spoken about the courage it takes to play quarterback, and it seems like players either have it or they don't. Have you known any quarterbacks that were prone to peeking around at defenders that eventually became fearless in the pocket?

I read an interview Troy Aikman gave, and he spoke about peeking as a rookie. That stopped quickly.

Jeppe from Bramming, Denmark

How good would the Packers be with an average QB? An 8-8 team or what do you think?

A team is defined by its quarterback, and the Packers are defined by Aaron Rodgers, the best quarterback in the league, and that's why the Packers are getting a lot of consideration for being possibly the best team in the league. You are what your quarterback is, with some allowances.

Derek from South Point, OH

The semifinalists for the Hall of Fame have been released. Who gets your vote this year?

Ty Law, Junior Seau, Darren Woodson, Kurt Warner, Jerome Bettis and Roger Craig are the names that jump out at me.

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