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Dom Capers knew what Julius Peppers could do

It's time for look out


Michael from Phoenix, AZ

Vic, I noticed the last three Thursday night games have featured teams with a new coaching staff. Are the blowouts a product of mismanagement, or does parity just not exist on Thursday nights?

I don't think the scheduling has been real good. What was it about last night's matchup that made the schedule-maker think it was worthy of prime time? It wouldn't have been my choice.

Keith from Green Bay, WI

The Eagles are dead last in time of possession and have a 3-1 record. The Packers are second to last and now have a 3-2 record. Is this just an anomaly or is time of possession becoming less important to win football games?

This isn't the time of possession time of the year. Ask your question again in December.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

Vic, how do you like Eddy Lacy's definition of confrontation, that it was a business decision on (the defensive back's) behalf?

You're chortling. A defensive back one-on-one in the open field on a power running back is a mismatch. That's why you run the ball. You dream of that mismatch.

Jon from Cheyenne, WY

News now! Peppers has plenty of gas left in the tank.

He's one of the great athletes of our time and he was underused as a defensive end that was easy to identify and limited in what he could do. Coach Capers saw the potential or greater use and more impact. Why isn't anyone giving Coach Capers credit for this acquisition?

Ben from Milwaukee, WI

I listened to you on the radio on the way up to Green Bay. Good stuff. I noticed the Vikings had six in the box for the first series and the second series, but after Eddy's second run of the second series, when he trucked that guy, they put a seventh guy in the box. Aaron then proceeded to throw a touchdown to Cobb. Right then, Vic, I knew it was going to be a fun night.

What the Packers did to the Vikings is what they should've done to the Lions. So why didn't they? Players, not plays.

Brett from Chicago, IL

Vic, every analyst was expecting a much closer game.

Let me stop you there. This analyst wasn't. That's about what I expected.

David from Madison, WI

Too soon for look out?

Why wait? Look out.

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