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Don't use your face as a weapon

Heat not a problem if it's cloudy


Maurice from Pittsburgh, PA

Statistically, Phillip Rivers has been the best quarterback in the NFL so far. What impresses you about Rivers' game?

He's accurate and he's tough. Given the circumstances the Chargers were facing with Drew Brees and his shoulder surgery, the Chargers made the right decision. Rivers has been a sensational quarterback. By the way, the Chargers might be the best team in the AFC. Don't go to sleep on them.

John from Alabaster, AL

I know coaches work hard on keeping players focused on only the next opponent. I was curious what kind of prep work is being done behind the scenes for future opponents?

Each team has in its pro personnel department an advance scout that is working on future opponents. For example, in the press box in Miami this week, I'll see the Carolina advance scout.

David from Chicago, IL

After another Sunday full of penalty flags for defensive hands to the face, why is the league still allowing offensive players (WR and RB) to stiff-arm defenders in the face?

You want more penalties?

Greg from La Crosse, WI

Vic, have you changed your thoughts on Peyton Manning at all?

I have not. He is still the greatest regular-season quarterback in football history.

Arlo from Boise, ID

If it's players and scheme doesn't matter, how do you explain what Rod Marinelli is doing with the Cowboys?

Scheme matters, but execution matters more because X's and O's don't move, only players move. The best example of this debate occurred during the Bengals-Patriots game last night. The Bengals caught the Patriots in some kind of bad coverage scheme and Andy Dalton had Giovanni Bernard all alone down the left sideline for what Cris Collinsworth said might've resulted in a touchdown. It was an easy pass, a 20-yard lob, but Dalton missed Bernard by a mile. Collinsworth commented on what a great play call it was, but what good was it? It wasn't executed. You need both. You need a good plan, and then you need to execute that plan. Here's the kicker: Even a bad plan is a good plan when it's executed. That's why it's players, not plays. Tom Coughlin called it playing above the X's and O's.

Phil from Tampa, FL

Vic, I noticed the temperature in Green Bay is starting to dip; better warm up the snowinator. I took a look at the forecast for Miami. Looks like the Packers might catch a slight cold front on Sunday; it will only be about 85 and partly cloudy.

"Cloudy" is the main thing. Temperature isn't nearly as big of an issue as the sun is. You know what the sun in Florida does. If it's cloudy, the heat won't be a problem.

Mike from Village of Lakewood, IL

Vic, I see your idea (removal of the facemask from the helmet) is being advocated by prominent scientists.

You need to be a prominent scientist to understand it's not human nature to use your face as a weapon? Did somebody actually pay for a study on that? They could've called me. I would've only charged them a few bucks.

Al from Kenosha, WI

In case you forgot: Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman!

I have not forgotten. The memory of it burns inside of me. We will meet again, Richard Sherman.

Jim from La Crosse, WI

Vic, anyone ever tell you you talk out of both sides your mouth.

I can talk out of the middle, too.

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