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Dorsey Named Panelist For Harris College FB Poll


John Dorsey, the Green Bay Packers' Director of College Scouting, has been named a panelist for the 2006 Harris Interactive College Football Poll, one piece of the BCS standings formula.

The appointment to the panel recognizes Dorsey's evaluation skills of college teams and players, and he'll be among 114 voters submitting their NCAA Top 25 each week beginning Sept. 24.

The Harris poll is in its second year as a component in the BCS standings, which determine the two teams that play for the collegiate national championship as well as those that qualify for at-large BCS selection.

"One thing I've always done is tried to pride myself on following the teams and their strengths and weaknesses," Dorsey said. "That's what I do all fall.

"You're not speaking specifically about individual players, but it allows you to rank the teams the way they should be ranked, 1 to 25."

More than 300 nominations for panelists were made by the 11 Division I-A conferences as well as independent institutions. Dorsey said he didn't know who nominated him.

Dorsey will have to turn in his ballot by noon (CT) each Sunday, but individual panelists' selections will not be made public until the season-ending poll. With the final rankings, on Dec. 3, the participants' individual rankings will be released.

"I'm just one of 100-some guys, and I'll just cast my vote the way I see it," Dorsey said.

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