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Download The Packers Season-Ending Dope Sheet


Two years after he co-founded the Packers with Curly Lambeau, George Calhoun began writing a piece called The Dope Sheet, which served as the official press release and game program from 1921-24.

Honoring Calhoun, the first publicity director, the Packers are running this weekly feature as their release, which is being made available to fans exclusively on

A complete edition of the Dope Sheet is available each week during the season in PDF format, located in the Game Centers.

Here are some highlights from the Packers End of Season Dope Sheet:

THOMPSON NAMED GENERAL MANAGER: President Bob Harlan Friday named Ted Thompson, who has 23 years experience both as a player and front-office veteran, to head the Packers' overall football operations. Thompson is Executive Vice President, General Manager & Director of Football Operations. Mike Sherman is now the team's Executive Vice President & Head Coach, Harlan said.

-The move was about a system and not about individuals, based on structure, not on performance. It was also very unique because most teams make such a decision on the heels of a playoff drought. The Packers are believed to be one of few, if any, teams in NFL history to restructure after four consecutive postseason berths. Philadelphia is the only other NFL club with an active four-year playoff streak. Now, moving forward, the Packers are making a bold attempt to improve on that track record.

-"It's what I think this organization needs to compete, to stay up on top," said Harlan, whose Packers own the NFL's longest active stretch of non-losing seasons, 13. "I want to see the organization continue to move forward and not start sliding backward."

-Harlan originally gave both jobs to Sherman when Wolf retired after the 2001 draft, partly because Harlan didn't want to upset the chemistry Green Bay enjoyed in both the locker room and front office. That chemistry helped the team post the NFL's fourth-best regular-season record, behind only Philadelphia, New England and Pittsburgh, since 2001.

PRO BOWL PACKERS: Fullback William Henderson and wide receiver Javon Walker became first-time Pro Bowlers, the NFL announced Dec. 22. Also elected were running back Ahman Green and guard Marco Rivera, for the fourth and third consecutive years, respectively, giving the Packers four players voted for the all-star contest.

-Henderson, in his 10th season, Dec. 19 broke Howard Griffith's NFL record among fullbacks by blocking for a 1,000-yard rusher in a seventh overall season. The University of North Carolina product has paved the way for 1,000-yard seasons for Green (2000-04) and Dorsey Levens (1997, '99).

-Walker's honor comes during a superb third NFL season. Walker was Mike Sherman's initial first-round pick; the Packers traded up to select the Florida State player in the 2002 NFL Draft.

-Green, meanwhile, becomes only the second Packers back to be named as many as four consecutive seasons, joining Jim Taylor, who was named to five straight contests (1960-64).

-Rivera, a seven-year starter, is the first Green Bay offensive lineman to be named to the Pro Bowl three consecutive seasons since Gale Gillingham in 1969-71. One of the most durable performers in Packers history, Rivera has maintained a 99-game starting streak, second on the team to only Brett Favre (205).

-Eight other Packers were named as alternates on the NFC squad, including Favre, guard Mike Wahle and cornerback Al Harris. The others include tight end Bubba Franks, wide receiver Donald Driver and tackle Chad Clifton on offense, linebacker Nick Barnett on defense and placekicker Ryan Longwell.

-Franks, Barnett and Longwell also were named alternates last season, with Franks eventually getting called up to play in the game. Two other alternates last season, center Mike Flanagan and defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, played in the contest as well.

HARRIS BREAKS DEFENSIVE RECORD: Al Harris Dec. 24 broke the team record for passes defensed in a season (club began tracking in 1982):

28, Al Harris, 2004

27, Doug Evans, 1995

23, Darren Sharper, 2000

LeRoy Butler 1993

22, Darren Sharper, 2001

21, Mike McKenzie, 2001

Tyrone Williams 2000

20, Mike McKenzie, 2003

LONGWELL QUIETLY AMONG TEAM'S TOP WEAPONS: Kicker Ryan Longwell on Dec. 24 nailed his fourth game-winning kick of 2004, and ninth of his career.

-In the fourth quarter, Longwell has hit eight in a row, dating to the 2003 playoffs.

-What makes Longwell so impressive is not how he kicks, but where he kicks. At Lambeau Field, the league's toughest venue, weather hounds kickers even early in the season, when challenging wind and rain like to make themselves at home. Longwell's .842 regular-season career field-goal percentage at Lambeau Field compared to other kickers in Green Bay during his career (1997-2004):

Ryan Longwell, Lambeau Field: 106-126, .842

Other kickers, Lambeau Field: 80-109, .734

BEST COACHES, WITHIN DIVISION: Since his first season as head coach, Mike Sherman has had noticeable success against division opponents.

-Overall, Sherman is 25-9 against his division, including a 14-3 home record (winning 14 of last 16 at Lambeau). Best division records among active NFL head coaches (minimum two seasons):

Mike Martz, StL: 25-9, .735

Mike Sherman, GB: 25-9, .735

Andy Reid, Phi: 29-13, .690

Marty Schottenheimer, Cle-KC-Was-SD: 8-48, .647

Bill Cowher, Pit: 62-36, .633

Mike Shanahan, Oak-Den: 55-31, .640

RECEPTION DUOS: Javon Walker (1,382) and Donald Driver (1,208) are the first set of 1,000-yard Packers receivers since 1999 (Antonio Freeman, Bill Schroeder) and only the third overall (also Freeman and Robert Brooks in 1997). Top receiving seasons by a Packers duo:


173: Javon Walker, 89, 2004

Donald Driver, 84

172: Sterling Sharpe, 94, 1994

Edgar Bennett, 78

171: Sterling Sharpe, 112, 1993

Edgar Bennett, 59

171: Sterling Sharpe, 112, 1993

Jackie Harris, 59

163: Robert Brooks, 102, 1995

Edgar Bennett, 61

163: Sterling Sharpe, 108, 1992

Jackie Harris, 55


2,590: Javon Walker - 1,382 - 2004

Donald Driver - 1,208

2,253: Antonio Freeman - 1,243 - 1997

Robert Brooks - 1,010

2,176: Robert Brooks - 1,497 - 1995

Mark Chmura - 679

2,145: Robert Brooks - 1,497 - 1995

Edgar Bennett - 648

2,130: James Lofton - 1,300 - 1983

John Jefferson - 830

2,125: Antonio Freeman - 1,074 - 1999

Bill Schroeder - 1,051

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