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Two years after he co-founded the Packers with Curly Lambeau, George Calhoun began writing a piece called The Dope Sheet, which served as the official press release and game program from 1921-24.

Honoring Calhoun, the first publicity director, the Packers are running this weekly feature in their release, which is being made available to fans exclusively on

A complete edition of the Dope Sheet will be available each week in PDF format, located in the Game Centers.

Here are some highlights from the Wild Card Playoff Dope Sheet, which includes special pages dedicated to the record achievements of Brett Favre and Ahman Green in 2003:

THE SINGLE-SEASON RECORD FOR RECORDS: Any Packers franchise record is significant, because the team's been playing NFL games since 1921. The '03 team made arguably more appearances in the record book than any predecessor.

  • Ahman Green (20) passed Jim Taylor (19, 1962) for the most overall Packers touchdowns in any single-season ever.
  • Green (4.71, 1,208-5,685) kept hold of the best career rushing average in team history, ahead of No. 2 Gerry Ellis (4.58, 836-3,826).
  • Brett Favre (.654, 308-for-471) broke his own single-season completion percentage record (.642, 1992).
  • Favre led the league in passing touchdowns for a fourth time, breaking Arnie Herber's franchise mark, three (1932, 1934, 1936).
  • The 2003 team (2,558) shattered the franchise record for rushing yards in a season (2,460 in 1962).
  • The 2003 team (5.05) established the franchise record for rushing average in a season (4.96 in 1961).
  • The 2003 team (19) set a franchise low for sacks allowed in a 16-game season (22 in 2001).
  • The 2003 team (137) established the lowest total yards lost by sack in a season (151 in 2001).
  • The 2003 team (65.54) established a franchise record for completion percentage in a season (64.52 in 1992).
  • Consecutive games played, career; Brett Favre, 191, active (old record: Forrest Gregg, 187, 1956, 1958-70).
  • Most points, career; Ryan Longwell 844 (old record: Don Hutson, 823, 1935-45).
  • Most field goals, career; Longwell 182 (old record: Chris Jacke, 173, 1989-96).
  • Rushing attempts, season; Green 1,883 (old record: 329, Dorsey Levens, 1997).
  • Rushing yards, season; Green, 1,883 (old record: 1,474, Jim Taylor, 1962).
  • Rushing yards, game; Green, 218 (old record: 190, Dorsey Levens, 1997).
  • Consecutive 100-yard rushing games; Green, 4 (old record: 3, John Brockington, 1971).
  • 100-yard games, season; Green 10 (old record: 7, Jim Taylor, 1962; and Green, 2001).
  • Longest run from scrimmage; Green, 98 yards (old record: 97, Andy Uram, 1939)
  • Consecutive games, touchdown pass; Favre, 25, active (old record: 22, Cecil Isbell, 1941-42).
  • Most yards from scrimmage, season; Green, 2,250 (old record: 1,981, Green, 2001).
  • Most consecutive punts, none blocked; Josh Bidwell, 308, active (old record: 274, David Beverly, 1977-80).
  • Most combined attempts, season; Green, 407 (old record: 383, Dorsey Levens, 1997).

Click here to download a PDF of the complete Wild Card Playoff Dope Sheet.

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