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Every game would end with a challenge

Who opened the Wes Welker can of worms?


Chase from Fort Riley, KS

Vic, what is the cure for wide receiver fever?

A healthy dose of appreciation for the big guys, whose numbers are in much shorter supply.

Andy from Green Bay, WI

Between Tony and yourself, is either one of you big on Kevin Johnson out of Wake Forest? Looks like he has all the physical tools you'd want in a starting corner.

Tony likes him a lot.

Roger from Auburn, CA

Vic, since you think it's about players more than plays, do you see any possibility of the Packers switching to a 4-3 if the talent better fits that scheme?

You play what best suits your personnel, but switching to a 4-3 would probably require Julius Peppers to go back to defensive end, and I like him better at linebacker.

Chester from Brooklyn Center, MN

Can you please explain the mechanics of moving back in the draft to acquire a pick that's valued further back in the draft? Why not just pick him at the spot you have instead of moving back and risking him being picked before you?

That would be reaching, and that means you'd lose the value of the pick and you'd overpay.

Ian from Duluth, MN

Vic, it seems pass coverage in the middle of the field has been a weakness for the Packers in recent years. Is the middle of the field inherently more difficult to cover? Have the ILBs been too slow to keep up with faster players? Do you even agree with my assessment? I know you tend to like a thumper at ILB, but with the TE position essentially turning into another WR, to me it would make sense to have a thumper like Barrington paired with a faster, more athletic ILB to keep up in coverage.

I agree you need an inside linebacker that can run with tight ends and cover the deep middle of the field. I talked previously about pairing a thumper with a chase linebacker. I think that's the best combination of inside guys.

Brian from Port Washington, NY

Why don't the Packers give Jeff Janis a chance? Why sign an over-the-hill Welker and waste the talent on the bench? Sadly, it looks like the Packers may never give Janis a chance and he will become a superstar on another team.

Calm down! It's only March.

Weston from Marion, IL

Vic, I think the NFL should hold a dunk contest. You have Colin Kaepernick, who's way above the rim, and then you have Davante Adams doing 360 dunks. I think it would be amazing, not to mention very competitive.

I like the idea.

Alper from Istanbul, Turkey

Vic, can a player back out of his decision after retiring? Can he sign with another team?

The team that held his rights when he retired will continue to hold his rights while he's retired.

Jamie from Lincoln, UK

Vic, I can't be the only one who doesn't particularly want the Packers to sign Wes Welker. I'm a big fan of his, don't get me wrong, but I think WR isn't the position we need to look at bolstering. I also think signing Welker would impede the development of Davante Adams and other young WRs, not to mention Welker being a slight injury risk with his history of concussions. Am I being too picky?

I don't know who opened the Wes Welker can of worms, but my inbox has been crushed by Welker questions. What is it about wide receivers that drive fans crazy?

James from Dallas, TX

Vic, since the last Super Bowl win, the Packers have arguably been the best team in the league twice (2011 and 2014). What is the difference between a team that wins consistently in the postseason and another that seems to have the majority of its success in the regular season?

How many repeat Super Bowl winners have there been since the Packers won in 2010?

Luke from Chesapeake, VA

Could the NFL function without a union?

The league would almost certainly lose the draft. The owners need a strong players union as much as the players need a strong players union.

Steve from Eau Claire, WI

You are asked to re-design the helmet the way you best think serves the game. What does it look like?

For starters, it would have a much smaller facemask.

T.J. from Chicago, IL

With the losses of Tramon Williams and Davon House, do you believe CB could be a more important need than ILB, or does the ILB position still top the Packers' needs?

Most personnel people would tell you cornerback is a premium position. In my opinion, if you have your choice between a cornerback and an inside linebacker, each graded the same, you take the cornerback, especially if you need one.

Ned from Lavon, TX

There's not going to be a helmet hero, Vic. You can't develop a helmet to stop the brain from impacting the inside of the skull; that's the problem. Are you ready for the game to fundamentally change?

The game has undergone fundamental changes. The big change is creating a mindset that the helmet is not to be used to punish, but to protect. That's half the solution. The other half, in my opinion, is a better helmet.

Tony from Burbank, CA

Vic, I watched your interview with Mark Murphy regarding the upcoming owners meeting. He mentioned one possible rule change up for a vote is a coach having the ability to challenge any play. Any play? Let's hope that rule proposal doesn't pass.

Coaches would have to make sure they save a challenge flag for the last play of the game. Here's what I mean. You need a score, but your pass falls incomplete as time expires. Out comes the challenge flag, right? Hey, there must've been holding somewhere in that play. Please, don't pass this proposal.

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