Everyone A Winner With Grancare Visit


Officially, the Packers' 2002 season ended over the weekend, but that didn't keep wide receiver Donald Driver and offensive lineman Bill Ferrario from getting into some heated competition Tuesday.

Proudly wearing their Packers uniforms, Driver, his wife Betina, and Ferrario surprised residents of the Grancare Nursing Center in Green Bay with a visit, which included multiple games of Packers Bingo.

Ferrario started the afternoon calling the letters and numbers, while Driver kept a sharp eye on several game cards.

"That was a bad one, you're calling the wrong numbers," Driver jokingly yelled at Ferrario whenever he was unable to mark a square.

Winners of Bingo rounds got to choose between Packers shirts and hats, or received surprisingly coveted quarters.

"How come that table over there has won like $500?" Driver asked. "Everyone else has like 50 cents. They must be cheating over at that table."

After Ferrario finished calling a few games, he settled down at one of the tables, signing autographs and marking game cards.

A female resident posed for a picture with Ferrario and then was asked by a staff member if she'd "cuddled up" next to the two-year NFL veteran.

"Of course," she said. "I'm a widow. I have the right."

The football season may have come to a close, but the Packers' relationship with the community is never-ending.

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