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Expect the Bears to play with desperation

Perspective is bad when it doesn't include you


Kelvin from Warwick, UK

Vic, I just wondered if you noticed how one of your favorites from last year's Senior Bowl, Chris Borland, performed for the 49ers. He didn't look too small to me.

He didn't look too small at the Senior Bowl, either. Borland and Aaron Donald, another too-small guy, were the stars of last winter's Senior Bowl, and they were the stars of Sunday's game between the Rams and the 49ers. Donald and Borland are proof there is no such thing as too small, but we must acknowledge that they are the exception, not the rule.

John from Tinton Falls, NJ

Vic, sorry to disagree with you on the replay from the Giants game. The Giants need to have a better review system, not the league. They were at home and should have had personnel in place to get a good look at the play and communicate that to the head coach. I know you love the Giants' head coach, but he didn't have a plan in place to subvert a hurry-up play. Great job usually by you, but not on this one.

The league's system is every team's system. All the coaches in the booth that have access to the TV replay can do is wait for it to happen. Once they clearly see the call was in error, they tell the head coach to challenge. I have no doubt that happened as quickly as possible. How long did it take TV to provide the replay? That's the question. There is no standard for it; the timing of the replay TV provides is at the whim of the production people. In effect, they're making the call. That bothers me, too, since you could have a TV production guy with a rooting interest delaying the feed. Why does speed have anything to do with getting the call right? There was doubt about the call from the start, so stop the action and get it right. There's no doubt in my mind that's where we're headed. I give the coach's challenge system another year or two before the NFL hands the reins over fully to the review guy on site.

Ross from Ankeny, IA

Vic, the Bears are desperate for a win. Will it be a heavy dose of Matt Forte? Or do you believe they will try to display offensive balance to beat the Packers?

I think it'll be an extra-heavy dose of Forte.

Bridget from Milwaukee, WI

Was there ever a time you did not have perspective?

Having perspective is another way of saying having a plan, and I think we all have a plan. I can't function or live comfortably without having a plan. I can think of one time in my life I struggled for perspective: when I had cancer. I can remember having two plans, and one of them didn't include me, if you know what I mean.

Thomas from St. Johns, FL

Vic, I hope you are well rested from the bye week. I see the forecast for Sunday's game against the Bears is 39 and foggy. So, is the snowinator all tuned up and ready for the first blast of white? It's 82 in Jax today. I'll leave a light on for you.

I'm dug in and ready to go. I'm going to keep my tank full this year.

Dan from Dike, IA

Vic, two weeks ago the Packers played a desperate Saints team and we all know the results. This week I think the Packers are facing another desperate team in the Bears. Do you get that same impression about this game, desperation?

You bet I do. I'll participate in the conference calls with Matt Forte and Marc Trestman this afternoon. Someone will ask if this is a must-win game for the Bears, and the answer will likely be that it's not a must-win game, but there's a definite sense of urgency. Here's my opinion on that: It is absolutely a must-win game for the Bears, and I think they'll play with that kind of desperation.

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