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Fans, Here's Your Chance To 'Be' In The Packers Hall Of Fame


It is no secret that the Green Bay Packers belong to their fans – literally and figuratively…Always have, always will.

It thus should not come as a surprise that the team's faithful are being offered an opportunity to see themselves "personally" represented in their shrine, the Packer Hall of Fame, currently being restructured and enhanced following its recent move to a new location in the heart of Lambeau Field.

The latter process, for the record, is proceeding nicely and should be completed on schedule – for an August grand opening of the redesigned structure in renovated Lambeau's majestic Atrium complex.

But Hall of Fame archivist Tom Murphy, while acknowledging that the Hall's new configuration "will be chock full of Packers history, photos and films," notes in an open letter to Packers fans that "there's still one area left" for a unique display.

It is one he has identified as "a space dedicated to the fans and the community – and we need your help with it."

In extending an open invitation to all loyalists, Murphy explained, "Called 'Titletown's Finest,' this empty 30' by 10' case is designed to show off the true love Packer fans have for their green and gold. We want to fill this exhibit case with your Packer memorabilia, photos, items and memories and preserve it for posterity.

"Whether it's a model of Lambeau Field made of sugar cubes, a Packer wedding gown, a picture of you at the Ice Bowl or your grandma's Packer quilt, we would love to put it on display in the 'Titletown's Finest' exhibit. Packer pet wear? Send it in! Packer curtains? Send those in, too! We are seeking the best, brightest, most creative Packer paraphernalia ever known to professional football."

Anyone who might have a contribution to make to such a display is asked to send a non-returnable photo or scanned photo of the item to: Tom Murphy, Archivist, Packer Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 28287, Green Bay, WI, 54324-0287. It should be accompanied by a brief description of the item and its Packer-related story.

"Not all items will be selected," Murphy noted. "Upon review, the owners of the selected items will be contacted about displaying their item in 'Titletown's Finest.' Items that are selected become the property of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame."

Entries will be accepted until April 11, 2003. All should include the individual's full name, address, daytime phone number and e-mail address.

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