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Favre OKs Rodgers' Repetitions During Disappointing Game


During the last four to five weeks, Head Coach Mike Sherman and Brett Favre discussed the scenario of Aaron Rodgers taking snaps if the Packers jumped out to an insurmountable lead or fell way behind.

That hypothetical became a reality on Monday night.

With the Packers trailing the Baltimore Ravens 34-3, Sherman inserted Rodgers at quarterback toward the end of the third quarter. Favre did not have a problem with the move.

"That's fine. Up to the point that Aaron came in, we had gotten three points," Favre said. "I'd have much rather played and be in a situation to win the ballgame."

The Packers will play Favre on Sunday. Sherman re-affirmed that the 15-year-veteran would remain the starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

"Brett has been our quarterback and will continue to be," Sherman said.

The Packers' overall performance disappointed Favre more than viewing the end of the game from the sideline. During their first 10 losses, the Packers played each opponent very close. After Monday's 48-3 loss, Favre knew how the New Orleans Saints felt when the Packers beat them 52-3 in Week 5.

"I don't know if we can say the rest of the games this year were embarrassing, but I think the other night was," Favre said. "The season has been very disappointing up to this point. But at least we were able to hang our hat on the fact that we had a chance to win every game."

Favre played a role in the Packers' underwhelming performance. He completed 14-of-29 passes for 144 yards and two interceptions before giving way to Rodgers.

"We got three points," Favre said. "I take full responsibility for that."

Although Favre should not bear the entire burden for the team's loss, he committed two critical turnovers, which the Ravens converted into 10 points. With a third-and-14 at the Baltimore 47-yard line, the Packers ran crossing routes at the 12:45 mark in the second quarter. Favre heaved the pass downfield, and Samari Rolle intercepted him on the four-yard line.

"There was no one open on the play," Favre said. "I could've thrown the ball away."

The pressure of the Ravens and a miscommunication between Donald Driver and Favre led to his second interception with 2:04 left in the first half. The Packers' wide receivers ran a comeback and a post route. Favre looked for Driver on the post, but a blitzing Ed Reed hit Favre as he threw. Favre expected Driver to continue running toward the end zone, but Driver came back toward the football. Deion Sanders picked off the pass at the Baltimore eight-yard-line and returned it 24 additional yards.

"We had what we wanted," Sherman said. "Initially the play was there, but because of the timing of the play with pressure it turned out not be there."

Another Favre pass missed the mark in the third quarter. Robert Ferguson could not corrall a possible touchdown pass. Favre then approached Ferguson afterwards.

"I'm not mad at Fergy. I know he wanted to catch the ball," Favre said. "That's just kind of the way the season has gone."

During the season Favre has approached Ferguson and William Whitticker on the sideline as a means to motivate them. But he does not berate them.

"He yells at guys less than any quarterback in the NFL," Sherman said. "That's been his nature not to do that. He's not a confrontational guy."

Favre admitted, however, that the first losing season of his career has left him exasperated. He reflects on the team's record every day.

"If I didn't care, you wouldn't see the frustration on my face," he said. "Have we ever been 3-11 before? No, and how do I handle that? I'm finding out week in and week out. No one's given me any guidelines to how you handle a 3-11 season."

Some have suggested that his frustration with the losing record will cause Favre to retire at the end of the year. Favre, however, reiterated the team's performance will not serve as a factor. Other criteria will determine whether he wants to renew his commitment to the game.

"Am I still willing to prepare like I did this season?" Favre said. "Am I still willing to give everything I can week in and week out and in practice? ... We'll cross that bridge when the offseason comes."

Despite the Packers' mark, Favre still views suiting up for "the Green and Gold" every week as a dream job.

"Who would not want to be the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers?" Favre said. "Most people given the opportunity would love to be in my shoes -- even at 3-11."

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