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Favre Returns To Practice Field


Having rested his injured thumb since defeating the Minnesota Vikings in the Metrodome last Sunday, Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre returned to the practice field Friday.

But neither the four-day layoff nor the freezing temperatures outside at Clarke Hinkle Field seemed to have an effect on the three-time NFL MVP.

"Brett looked great," wide receiver Robert Ferguson said. "The ball was on the money."

Favre continues to wear a splint to protect his right thumb, which he injured in the Packers' Oct. 19 contest against the St. Louis Rams.

He expects that he'll have to continue wearing the splint for at least four more weeks as the hairline fracture heals naturally.

That timetable could extend however if Favre takes a hit on the hand and aggravates the injury, something that didn't happen against Minnesota.

An X-ray performed Monday showed no negative repercussions from last weekend's 194-yard, three-touchdown performance.

"It doesn't feel any worse, it doesn't feel any better," Favre said this week. "Which is I guess about what we expected. It probably would have felt better had I not played, but I knew that going in. But the X-ray was the same, so I consider it one bullet dodged."

Listed as probable for Sunday, Favre will look to start is 199th consecutive game, including postseason, which is an NFL record among quarterbacks.

When the Packers practiced Friday, 29 degree temperatures were being reduced into the teens thanks to a blistering wind chill. But Favre, who has a history of strong performances in cold weather, doesn't think his grip of the football will be any worse Monday night at Lambeau Field than it was the past two weekends playing in domes.

"To me it's more difficult to throw indoors, even though it's a controlled environment," Favre said. "The ball is so much more slick. I like to get a little dirt on them.

"We might even have a little snow or something Monday night, which would be great. Throwing with a broken thumb is difficult regardless ... I'm just glad we are playing at home."

The forecast for Monday night calls for temperatures in the low 30s, which a chance of light rain showers.

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