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Favre Still Expects To Start Against Miami


Fresh off four hours of rehab, Brett Favre met with the media Wednesday afternoon and reiterated his intentions to start the Packers' upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins, November 4.

This only days after Favre's brilliant 2002 season -- if not his entire legendary career -- seemed in peril after a third-quarter sack by LaVar Arrington last Sunday caused Favre's left knee to bend in ways the body never intended.

The spill was nasty, but the result was only a sprained lateral collateral ligament (LCL).

"I was tempted to try 7-on-7 (practice drills) today, but (trainers) said it probably wasn't a good idea," Favre said.

Actually, Favre was only kidding about his request to practice -- or at least he said he was. Although he admitted that was sick of the training room long before his injury required him to spend extra time there, Favre isn't about to do anything that would risk his immediate return.

"In this case, I know that it's better to rest it as long as I possibly can," Favre said. "We have plenty of time, and if it all goes according to plan I want to try something (at practice) next week with our training staff's advice -- which I will listen to.

"I will be smart about it. You go out and you push it a little bit in practice and it sets you back two more weeks, whereas if you would have waited one more day you would have been better off.

"We kind of have to weigh those (factors). An extra 15 minutes of practice -- I don't know if that will do me a whole lot of good."

With the Packers heading into their bye weekend, Favre's injury could hardly have happened at a better time. But even though Favre continued to walk with a slight limp Wednesday, he said he believed that he could have played this weekend had there been a game on the schedule.

Instead, Favre will take advantage of the weekend off to return to his offseason home in Hattiesburg, Miss. Favre will continue to do his icing and stretching regimen from the comfort of home, receiving additional treatment at the nearby University of Southern Mississippi, his alma mater.

Favre said the facilities at Southern Mississippi have improved to the point where his rehab will not be slowed by his time away from Green Bay.

"They've finally got a SwimEx and stuff like that down at Southern Miss," Favre said. "When I was there it was one silver whirlpool."

Eventually, Favre is expected to enjoy a full recovery. Initially, however, he'll have to play through some pain and instability. Favre can handle the pain, it's the strength of the knee that he's concerned about.

"I don't want to play in a game and be afraid to play the way I want to play," Favre said. "Even if I do play on that Monday night, I know that I'm going to have to be careful and won't be able to do some of the things that I do. But at least you want to just kind of play and go with the flow as opposed to being timid. I don't think anyone can play that way.

"Right now, the way it feels, I expect that a week from now it should feel a lot better. Looking at it that way, I'm encouraged that I should be able to play (against Miami)."

Favre has started 164 consecutive regular season games, an all-time record for quarterbacks, and the longest active streak among NFL players at any position.

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