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Ferguson And Mates Put Team First


After Robert Ferguson signed a four-year contract extension in late June, his only regret was that he'd have to wait a few weeks to get back on the field with his teammates.

Ferguson, a fourth-year wide receiver, was so happy he called GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman a few days later thanking him and the organization and told him how happy he is to be a Packer.

As training camp rolls around, Ferguson still can't hide his excitement. When asked about the voice mail he left for his coach, Ferguson said, "I was excited. I'm just thankful to be able to be a Packer and I love it here. I see the enthusiasm in our fans and it makes me want to be a Packer for life."

Ferguson isn't worried that he'll try to do too much after getting the new contract, though. "I don't feel pressure to do anything but to go out there and play hard," he said. "I do feel obligated to go out and play as hard as I can for my teammates."

Ferguson, who set career-highs with 38 catches for 520 yards in 2003, is part of one of the top receiving trios in the league, teaming up with fellow wide-outs Donald Driver (52 receptions, 621 yards) and Javon Walker (41 receptions, 716 yards, nine touchdowns) to give Brett Favre a deep selection of targets. Sherman can't say enough about the three, touting their unselfish attitude as much as their pass-catching and route-running.

"I don't know if I've ever been around a group of men at any position at any time in my career that's as unselfish as those three," Sherman said. the coach. "Last year there was criticism that they weren't making enough big plays for us, when really that was on me. When they were asked to make plays, they made plays. Never once did they complain when we were running the ball 35 times a game. Never once did they ask about throwing more or getting them the ball. Not one time. At that position, I think that's very unique. That's why they're such a special group."

Sherman's most difficult decision when it comes to his top three is which ones to include in the starting lineup, but he's not too worried about that.

"I truly look at all three of those guys as starters," Sherman he said. "They all work so well together. They compete with each other, and they help each other. I don't know if I could pick two, I could only pick three. I don't think of who starts the game necessarily as the indication of who you could call a starter. Javon didn't the start the games a lot last year, but he still had a bunch of touchdowns and yardage. I look at us as being fortunate enough to have three starters at that position."

Ferguson adds to the versatility of the group as he is one of the team's top special teams players as well. Last year, his 17 tackles in kick coverage led the team, and were more tackles than any other starting receiver in the league.

"We have an unselfish group and we'll do anything our coaches ask us to do to help the team win," Ferguson said.

Sherman shared a sentiment that is undoubtedly echoed by their teammates and Packers fans alike. He said, "I'm in love with those guys. They're a great group of men."

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