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Final thought: It's all about stopping the run

From Chachani to Seattle, Packer nation is ready for this one


Zeke from Charleston, SC

Is the Packers offense more explosive than ever?

As the wide receiving corps deepens and the young tight ends emerge, I think this offense has a chance to become the best combination of power, balance and explosiveness of any Packers offense I have covered.

Randy from Medicine Hat, Alberta

Don't those people get sick of doing nothing all game but standing and yelling their lungs out?

It's their identity. It's expected of them and they have to perform to that expectation. What happens in less exciting seasons? Will they still stand and yell? That's when the "12th man" will be at the test.

Dan from Janesville, WI

Vic, give me one final thought?

All of my concern is for stopping the run. If I knew now the Packers will be successful at stopping Marshawn Lynch tonight, I'd tell everyone in this column to sit back and relax. I could be wrong – I've certainly been wrong before – but I believe holding Lynch to respectable yardage is the acid test for the Packers tonight.

Gilbert from Mission, TX

Mike Daniels' interview was spot on. I really liked what he said when talking about the Seahawks attitude: "Every tackle was like a celebration; they threw a party after every play. That's how you have to be in this game." When watching the Packers play the (playoff game) against the 49ers, and remembering other recent games, I haven't seen this with the Packers. They make amazing plays, get up and go on to the next play. Where's the excitement? How important is this?

Apparently, it's important to you. It's of absolutely no importance to me. Just do your job. I'm fine with Daniels' need for emotion. Some players need that expression to be the best they can be. Go ahead, show it; whatever it takes. Other players need to concentrate their energy on thought for the next play. Jack Ham is possibly the most technically sound, efficient and productive player I have ever covered. He made big plays and I can't remember having seen him miss a tackle, and I also can't remember having seen him celebrate himself. Players such as Ham need to internalize to be the best they can be. They prepare themselves by honing a sharp inner edge, and they need to be allowed to do what they do without interference from the guys that need the show. The bottom line is performance. That's when you stop talking with your mouth and you speak with your actions. Deeds, not words.

Matt from Bremerton, WA

Welcome to Seattle, Vic. It looks like we have some good weather for the season opener. Hoping the flags are minimal and enjoyment abounds.

I awakened at five a.m. Seattle time, and I sat at the window with a cup of coffee and watched the sun come up over the mountains to the east. It's a beautiful morning; there's not a cloud in the sky. This is good ground. This is very good ground, and we sure enough are going to have a battle here today.

Nathans from Denver, CO

Does moving Tretter to IR say more about the prognosis for his injury or the Packers' opinion of their other centers?

It tells me the Packers have an expectation for a timely return by Tretter and they consider him to be valuable enough to spend a valued designation on him.

Ron from Versailles, KY

Vic, I'm experiencing something I've never felt before, respect and admiration for Jerry Jones.

We're making progress.

David from Arequipa, Peru

The climbing guide called. We have an opening to climb Chachani for Thursday. I've been waiting to climb that 20,000-foot beast for months now. That means I'll be somewhere near 15,000 feet at kickoff. I guess I'll enjoy the headlines and highlight reel when we get back. If you could write the headline today that you would like to show up in the papers after the Seattle game, what would it be?

"Packers win thriller." We'll be thinking of you at kickoff.

John from Port Edwards, WI

Forty-three years! Man, you have been so blessed. I look forward to another season of reading your column.

Another season begins in a few hours. Here we go.

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