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Ford Field favors the passing game

Last three drafts have addressed wide receiver position


Curtis from Indianapolis, IN

My wife got both curt and cute.

Does she share that opinion?

Scott from Greensburg, IN

Vic, given the blame game bombarding your inbox, is it safe to say next March will find an outbreak of wide receiver fever?

It could be the worst outbreak in team website history. Having said that, I will also say it's not as though the Packers have ignored the position in recent years. In 2013, the Packers drafted Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey. In 2014, the Packers drafted Davante Adams, Jared Abbrederis and Jeff Janis. This year, the Packers drafted Ty Montgomery. Johnson, Dorsey, Montgomery and Janis had nice pre-draft 40 times. The Packers lost Johnson as a result of not being able to protect him; they had too many good wide receivers. Montgomery has missed most of the season due to an ankle injury. Janis is starting to show gains. Abbrederis lost his entire rookie season to a knee injury. Adams was an immediate hit and expectations were through the roof for him. Maybe he'll have a big game tonight. The point is this: You can't draft everybody. The Packers have addressed the position, and I can't remember my inbox expressing the opinion last spring that wide receiver was a position of need. My inbox had a severe case of inside linebacker fever.

Barry from Hayward, WI

Vic, if this game were being played outside in December, I'd say it would all come down to if the Packers can run the ball or can Detroit stop the run. But it's inside. How is that going to affect the game?

It'll be faster. There'll be no fear of a wind-blown pass or a receiver slipping on wet turf coming out of his break. Ford Field should favor the passing game. Remember the days when we thought the Packers were built to play in a dome?

Aaron from Raunds, UK

Does it bother you to see poor tackling around the league? I'm not a tackling expert, but it drives me nuts when I see a defender throw his body at another player without even attempting to wrap up with his arms.

The emphasis on pass the ball, stop the pass demands defensive backs be quicker and nimbler, and that favors smaller types. Those guys are road kill for big backs such as Eddie Lacy. Wrap up? They'll end up riding on Lacy's grill. That's why tackling isn't what it was. Mel Blount was a huge, powerful man. He physically dominated, which resulted in the NFL instituting the 5-yard chuck rule, which necessitated smaller, nimbler cornerbacks, Frank Minnifield types. A 5-8, 190-pound cornerback can't form-tackle a big back.

Kent from Rochester, MN

The Packers are two plays from 9-2 and another two from going into OT against the best team in the league. Gritty losses can form better character than glamorous wins. Pound the ball and take the top off the defense. Jeff who?

I love pound and bomb.

Martin from Tisovec, Slovakia

Vic, is Davante Adams the go-to guy?

He's the X. That doesn't mean he has to be the go-to guy, but it means he has to be the guy defenses fear. The X is the boundary receiver. He's the guy who drags the safety from the middle of the field. Among the wide receivers, the X is "The Man." He opens the field for everybody else, especially for the slot receiver and tight end. Why do you think the Packers have been so insistent in getting the ball to him? If Adams had caught the ball and scored on that deep in against the Bears, everything would've changed.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Something special is going to happen.

You're on record.

John from Jefferson, WI

Vic, Harrison Ford was injured for weeks, on set for the new Star Wars movie. Don't say he doesn't have a hard time of it until you've stared down 20 stormtrooper blasters knowing they're all aiming for you. Actually, if you remember Star Wars, having them aiming for you is a good indication of personal safety, but my point remains.

Making movies is a tough game for tough guys.

Matt from Little Chute, WI

Bad day, Vic?

Not at all. This is what I love to do, and this is my favorite time of year to do it. Let's play two!

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