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Forget who you were; embrace who you are

Packers making for a very interesting story


Michele from Rochester, MN

"This is the team of rain." Vic, please tell me this is not their identity.

Whatever it takes, huh? I think it's been well documented I prefer a stomach virus over snow, so I haven't complained about the rain, but if there's ever been a team and a sportswriter that each need a trip to the desert, it's the Packers and this sportswriter. My umbrella has been my steady companion, but no respectable ink-stained wretch would take an umbrella on a road trip, so as I stood in the rain as we boarded the plane last night, I said something shocking: I wish it would snow. I'm really tired of being wet.

Chris from Westfield, WI

Please tell me I'm crazy for thinking the Packers have no chance in the playoffs with our offense playing like this. I understand things can get better, but everything about the offense tells me this isn't going to change with our current personnel. Thoughts?

I don't expect change; not at this late date. I think it's important for the Packers to stop trying to be who they were, and embrace who they are. The big-play pass isn't there, but the little-play passes are. That much was proven during the 19-play, 92-yard drive on Sunday. A team can win it all with little plays. The Patriots proved as much in last season's Super Bowl. Make little plays. Make lots and lots of little plays.

Mairy from Minnetonka, MN

Why did Starks seemingly have so much more success than Lacy this week? Is it a matter of decisive cuts?

It's all about finding the running lanes. Sometimes they favor the pounder, sometimes they favor the slasher. Yesterday, they favored the slasher.

Jonathan from Cameron, NC

Vic, you being a Steelers fan and all, how about them Steelers?

For a lot of years, the Steelers won with defense. Now they're winning with offense. For a lot of years, the Packers won with offense. Now they're winning with defense. Whatever it takes.

Michael from Des Moines, IA

I couldn't be prouder of McCarthy's comments from yesterday's game. Three of their losses were in the last second and one was just an all-out loss. What a way to put into perspective the season we're having. These coaches have done a phenomenal job and I'd have to say it's turning out to be another great finish. Your thoughts on the coaches thus far?

The same Broncos pass defense that held the Packers to 77 yards passing and no touchdowns, got torched for 380 yards and three touchdowns yesterday. There is no FULL CONSISTENCY. You do whatever it takes to win today. The Packers coaching staff are masters at it.

David from Oak Park, IL

The optimist in me hopes for the No. 2 seed. The realist sees the Packers' schedule over the next four weeks may very well be @Cardinals, Vikings, Vikings, @Cardinals. What's the most difficult aspect of playing the same team within such a short time frame?

I don't like the three-times-in-one-year thing, but @Cardinals, Vikings, Vikings, @Cardinals is kind of inviting. It's a kind of football "Groundhog Day."

Zach from Denver, CO

I just watched the postgame press conference with McCarthy and Rodgers, and while we all know the offense is far from perfect, I love the chip they carried.

I like it, too. It's an edge game and edge teams make for good stories. Mike McCarthy says it's all about matchups. In my business, it's all about the story, and the Packers are making for a very interesting story. I'm loving this season.

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