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Getting To Know... Jason Horton


*How well do we know the men who make up the Packers roster? Even the most ardent fan - the one who studies every play, knows the 40-yard-dash time of every prospect, is at every practice during training camp - still most likely is familiar primarily with what the players of the Green and Gold are up to on the field. is taking a look at some of the off-the-field interests of the players behind the facemasks that you cheer so heartily for during the football season. This is a chance to get to know the players through a series of questions and answers, some football-related and others having nothing to do with the gridiron.

Let's get to know... Jason Horton.*

Cornerback Jason Horton worked his way onto the Packers roster last summer, showing the coaching staff during training camp and the preseason that he deserved a chance to compete at the highest level.

Horton had hoped to be making an impact earlier on after declaring early for the NFL Draft following the 2002 season at North Carolina A&T. Some paperwork errors made him ineligible, and unable to return to play in college, he headed north to Canada where he spent two seasons with the Toronto Argonauts.

After being inactive for the Pack's season opener last year, Horton made his NFL debut the next week against Chicago - primarily on special teams. The next week saw the first-year thrown into the fire as the Packers carried a depleted secondary into Indianapolis to face the Colts. He held his own and recorded four tackles in that game.

Horton went on to be one of the special teams standouts for the Green and Gold in 2004, playing a key role as a blocker on the punt return unit and also on kickoff and punt coverage, where he finished third on the team with 16 tackles in the 14 games he played on the season.

The young defender is eager to work with the team's new defensive staff and hopes to continue to prove his worth to the Green Bay defensive backfield. caught up with Horton during some down time in his offseason workouts to let you Packer fans get some more background on #26. Did you have any tricks played on you as a rookie?

Jason Horton: "I can't say that I did. When I got here, the guys pretty much took me under their wing. They didn't really treat me as a rookie. I didn't know if it was because I had a year or two in the CFL, but I found out later in the year that a lot of people didn't know that it was my first year in the NFL."

What do you remember most about your first NFL game?

"I remembered having to get the butterflies out. You always tell yourself that you're really not scared, but you can't help but be nervous."

What is your best memory from your football career?

"In my senior year of high school in a playoff game, we were losing by a touchdown and I made a fingertip catch on a 60-yard touchdown pass to tie the game."

Besides the physical nature of the game, what is the most difficult part of playing in the NFL?

"The mental aspect. If you catch on to the mental side, you're good to go."

What is your favorite visiting stadium to play in? Why?

"I liked playing in Washington because it looked the best of all the places we played at last year. I also liked playing in Washington because my family were all big Washington Redskins fans when I was growing up."

What's the biggest difference playing in Green Bay and on the road?

"At home we get a lot more love from the fans. When you go other places, people hate the Green Bay Packers. You know you're not at home when you go on the road."

Who is your favorite athlete to watch in any sport?

"All-time, it's Michael Jordan, but right now I like watching LeBron James in action."

What was your favorite sports team growing up?

"Chicago Bulls - I loved Jordan."

What are some of your off-season hobbies?

"I like to ride ATVs whenever I can."

If you weren't not playing football for a living, what would you be doing?

"If I wasn't playing football, I think I'd be playing basketball in the NBA."

Did you have any interesting jobs growing up?

"I didn't really have any interesting jobs as a kid, but I spent a lot of time with my football and basketball card collections. In fact, I still have them and I need to go home and see what I could get for them because I've got all kinds of cards in there."

Do you have a favorite food or restaurant?

"My favorite restaurant is Golden Corral. I like them because they have a good buffet selection since I don't really have any one food that's my favorite."

Do you cook?

"I can't say that I do."

What are some of your favorite movies of all-time and from the last year?

"Favorite movie - "Scarface" is definitely #1. I also liked all of the "Friday"s. The best movie I saw in the last year was "Man on Fire" with Denzel Washington."

Do you have a favorite TV show?

"Good Times" is my favorite show ever, and I'd have to say J.J. was my favorite character.

What's in the CD player right now?

"50 Cent. All day."

What do you listen to before games to get ready?

"50 Cent."

Are you a PlayStation or Xbox guy?

"Xbox. I love playing Madden."

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