Glenn To See Specialist Regarding Headaches


Suffering from migraine headaches and nausea, Terry Glenn wasn't even cleared by team doctors to observe Packers practices last week. Instead, he was sent home and assigned bed rest.

But when Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers rolled around, Glenn wanted to be on the field.

In the first quarter, he came off the bench to make a 17-yard reception on the Packers' opening drive. But after the team went into the locker room at halftime, Glenn did not return.

"Right before halftime (Glenn) was experiencing headaches much of the magnitude that I guess he had last week," GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman said Monday. "So we kept him in at halftime, observed him, made him lay down."

The cause of Glenn's headaches is somewhat of a mystery. In the season opener against Atlanta, Glenn was said to have suffered "head trauma" after taking a blow to the head while making a reception. However, the following two weeks, Glenn played at New Orleans and Detroit and appeared to be healthy.

"He's not someone who has had concussion issues or history of concussions in his past," Sherman said. "He's been diagnosed with head trauma, which doesn't necessarily mean (a concussion) . . . When he's made catches, he's fallen and taken some blows, so we're going to really investigate this, look hard into this and see if we can come up with an answer."

Sherman indicated that Glenn would see a specialist this week to ensure that the Packers medical staff has made the proper diagnosis.

"I'm very conservative in regard to head injuries and we have been with Terry," Sherman said. "Terry wanted to play in this ballgame, wanted to give it a shot to see if he could get through and just deal with it. It seemed to have digressed there at the end of the first half.

"There is a gray area when you're dealing with head injuries. It's an area that you're very concerned about, obviously. I would never put a player at risk if I thought there was a risk involved."

Statistically, Glenn is the team's second-leading receiver with 16 receptions for 213 yards and one touchdown.

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