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Good luck breaking the record

Nice theories aren't always accurate


Austin from Schuylerville, NY

Call me crazy, but I think Aaron will play his best football in the years to come. As good an athlete as he is, I believe he is smarter than he is athletic. When he loses some athleticism with age and has to rely more on his wisdom I think he will be unstoppable (more so than he is right now).

I think he relies on both plenty now and I'm just going to enjoy what I'm seeing.

Ryan from Noblesville, IN

Have you ever thought about getting away to get work done in silence by going to the roof under the scoreboard? Probably not in fear that your laptop would blow away.

No, it's the repeated "Go Pack Go" chants hollered by the tour groups coming through the stadium every 10 minutes. It would actually be harder to get work done, and I wouldn't get to spend so much time heckling Wes, either.

Eric from Fuquay Varina, NC

Hi guys, relatively new to the column, but enjoy reading it every day. I do, however, have a request. Mark from Houghton asked a specific question of, "What are the rules for QB's cadence," and then the response didn't answer his question. I find this happens frequently and then leaves me wondering the answer to a great question. Not criticism or an attempt to get published; just a request. Because now I'm wondering, "Yeah... what are the rules for quarterback's cadence...?" Thanks.

Since you're new, I'll cut you a break. If I post a question and don't answer it, it's because there's no answer worth giving, yet a tangential thought struck me. The QB's cadence is immaterial. The officials simply watch for a false start, offside, movement that simulates a snap, etc. Defenses aren't allowed to mimic a cadence. Other than that, to steal a line from "Grease" – the rules are, there ain't no rules.

Nancy from Houston, TX

With all due respect to Richard from Madison, Wisconsin-Minnesota is not the longest football rivalry. That title belongs to Lehigh (my alma mater) and Lafayette. 152 meetings since 1884 with only one year being missed since in 1896.

To clarify, the border battle here is the most-played rivalry in Division I or FBS. Lehigh and Lafayette are FCS programs, but I'll give the rivalry its props because I have a cousin who went to Lehigh.

Abel from Hermosillo, Mexico

I went back and read Vic's introduction and he promised to read every question but obviously will not answer them all in the column. Do you guys do the same?

I try, with two exceptions – when I'm on vacation, and the day after a game. I learned last season that if I read every question the day after a game I'd never get any other work done.

Jason from Johnston, WI

I loved that Cardinals win over Minnesota. If I remember correctly Green Bay was easily beating Denver at Lambeau. There were TV shots of the Packers fans turned 180 degrees in their seats as fans in the suites yelled down the play-by-play while watching the TVs. Didn't the Cardinals WR come down out of bounds but the officials ruled he was pushed out back when that was a rule?

Yes, and to answer another question from Jake from Franklin, WI, the "force-out" rule wasn't eliminated until 2008. I was actually free-lancing for the Denver Post that day, sitting in the Lambeau press box next to Woody Paige, of all people. It was one of the most bizarre in-game crowd scenes I've ever witnessed.

Tyler from Green Bay, WI

Appreciate the absurdity, you say? Let's not forget the Packers won the Super Bowl because the Giants accidentally punted to DeSean Jackson with no time on the clock.

That's always been a nice theory, but for the record, it's not entirely accurate. Two weeks remained in the regular season, and as long as the Packers still beat the Giants in Week 16, Green Bay would've had a tiebreaker for a wild-card spot over both Philly and New York for whichever didn't win the East. But the Packers still would've needed a little help from others somewhere in those last two weeks. What Jackson's punt return did was send the Packers into their final two games needing two wins, that's it, no other help.

Kevin from Tucson, AZ

Insiders, with such a top-notch group of videographers, we'd love to see a video montage of "Video Ask Vic" outtakes.

No, you don't. You really don't.

Todd from Menominee, MI

Why was the extra point even attempted after the "Fail Mary"? The game was over.

NFL rules require it. Around 20 years ago, the Bills were so mad about a series of bad calls – the last being a pass-interference penalty in the end zone when the clock hit zero giving the Patriots an untimed down on which they scored a TD to win – that all the Buffalo players left the field in Foxboro and didn't return for the PAT. So the officials let New England run it against nobody, and kicker Adam Vinatieri took a direct snap and walked in for a two-point conversion. New England won by four points, and I'm not a gambler, but rumor had it the spread in Vegas was 3½.

Jason from Waupun, WI

In response to Andrew from Fullerton, we all know his final response should be "OK."

Works for me.

Rhonda from Appleton, WI

I had friends from Arizona staying with me last weekend so we went up to Lambeau to take the tour. First thing I asked was, "Where did Vic sit?" You will be missed! Take care, Vic.

I framed Vic's name placard from his Lee Remmel Press Box seat from his last game at Lambeau and gave it to him before he headed back to South Carolina permanently. I wish I had remembered to grab the one from his last game, the divisional playoff at Arizona, but in the chaos of the Hail Mary to Janis and the big play by Fitzgerald right away in OT, I forgot. Fortunately, Vic kept his press credential from the Arizona game and hung it on the frame I gave him, so it was a joint effort on the keepsake.

Al from Green Bay, WI

Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman…) recently suggested that NFL players would likely have to go on strike to get compensation similar to NBA and MLB players. I'm hoping you will share some math with our dear friend, Richard. The NFL teams have a 16-game schedule with an active roster of 53 players. The NBA teams play 82 games with a 14-man roster. MLB teams play 162 games with a 25-man roster. I get that football is king, but as long as players are getting their fair share of the revenue pie, he's making an apples to oranges to bananas comparison. Thanks!

Why the players would want to mess with a system that has increased the salary cap by at least $10 million per year over the last four years is beyond me. This is a deal working very well for both sides and I'd hate to see another labor dispute at the end of the decade.

Mike from Somerset, WI

What is the record for the most-read "Ask Vic" column? I assume it was during the season. Could Monday's readership eclipse that record?

Our analytics expert, Brian, tells me Vic's column on May 12, 2014,**the Monday after the conclusion of that year’s draft**, holds the top spot with 183,456 page views. How or why that one in particular, I couldn't say. Good luck breaking the mark.

Derrick from Randolph, NJ

I think Rodgers is more of a Bugs Bunny than a Roadrunner. He's more crafty and witty than speedy. If you had to compare someone else to a famous cartoon on the Packers, what would the comparison be?

I don't even know him yet, but for some reason your thoughts have me picturing Martellus Bennett walking into the Packers locker room in the image of Foghorn Leghorn.

Tim from Woodbury, MN

Are their restrictions as to how teams can allocate the $55 million they are each receiving from relocation fees?

The relocation windfall is $27.1 million, actually. I don't believe there are any restrictions, but teams are going to receive 10 percent of the figure every year for 10 years beginning at the end of this decade.

Rob from Buckinghamshire, UK

Hi Insiders, I'm thinking of buying my first jersey. My favorite number has always been 19. I was wondering if the Packers have had any decent 19s in the past or if I should wait and see how Malachi Dupre turns out?

Mike Michalske and Arnie Herber each wore No. 19, but only for one season each, and that's about it. Dupre has a chance to make it his, and I was intrigued by what I saw in the spring.

Joshua from Desert Hot Springs, CA

Hey Insiders, just wondering what your thoughts are in regards to Greg Jennings saying HC Mike McCarthy is a problem when it comes to overall wins/titles in his era?

Lots of folks asking about Jennings. I think McCarthy is going to be criticized for winning only one title with Rodgers until he wins another one. I don't believe the criticism is warranted, having been here through it all and understanding all the circumstances, but it's part of the deal. I also think Jennings, a guy I really liked during his seven seasons in Green Bay, is putting an edge on his commentary to angle for a job in TV. Just my opinion.

Joseph from Madison, WI

No. 81, Geronimo Allison, why don't the Packer fans yell "Geronimo!" after he makes a good play?

Too many syllables. The Sheppard song should be at the fingertip of the music guy, though.

Steve from Hepburnia, PA

What would your thoughts be on us signing D. Williams? I know he is up there a little in age but he hasn't been heavily used for his whole career. Especially the last two. He definitely looked good when filling in for Bell in Pittsburgh the last two years. Without a clear No. 2 back right now, I think he would be a great addition.

One sample from the sign-everybody crowd, which never seems to diminish despite our best efforts. The Packers invested three draft picks in finding a No. 2 (and probably No. 3). Signing a 34-year-old running back would only take reps away from developing the young guys.

Mike from Clarence, IA

I'm not old enough to remember the '60s Packers. Still, I'd have to say the early 2000s line with Tauscher, Clifton, Wahle, Rivera and Flanagan was pretty special. Along with Ahman Green, it was a rare time in the last three decades that our run game was the strength.

The Packers' leading receiver in 2003 had 716 yards, and Green Bay came within a whisker of the NFC title game. Think about that. It wasn't that long ago, but it's tough to imagine finding so much success that way again, at least right now.

Daniel from Copenhagen, Denmark

Was there anything noteworthy regarding the performance of our free-agent signings at OTAs? I don't think I really heard anything about Jahri Evans, Ricky Jean Francois and Lance Kendricks, for instance.

They looked like big guys without pads.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Mike, what are the pros and cons of the Packers releasing financial information like shared national revenue to the public? Do you think the rest of the teams would prefer this information not get out? Would the players' association have access to this information otherwise?

The other teams, and the league, would love to keep the information under wraps so no one would have access to it, but as a publicly owned, nonprofit corporation, the Packers are required by law to divulge certain financial figures. In that way, the Packers play an additional role in the CBA negotiations.

Gerry from Powder Springs, GA

I wish Vic a great life ahead of him. Back when I first followed the Packers and became a football nut I found a football game called Strat-O-Matic pro football and played it for many years. Reading this column and the comments and replies got me thinking about that game and how much my brother and I loved that game. Now they make a computer version with leagues you can play online. To me, if you ever wanted to be a coach of a pro football team, this is the game. Like Vic says, "it's the players making plays." In this game you just get to call the plays.

I played a ton of Strat-O-Matic baseball in high school with a group of friends. We had a blast, but when I got into this business I discovered that game strategy is only one portion of the job for a professional coach/manager.

Scott from Saint Charles, IL

I can understand the optimism surrounding the defense, given the new additions and potential improvements of the young guys. That said, when I really think about it, an awful lot of things will have to go right – in terms of both development at several positions as well as good health – for this defense to get this team back in the SB. You can always say health is critical, but except for No. 12, we seem to have more depth, and more margin for error, on offense. Am I wrong to feel this way?

No. 12 creates the margin for error on offense. He always has. On defense, you're correct, a lot of things have to go right, but the Packers allowed 45 points in regulation of a playoff loss the year before they won the Super Bowl. We just have to wait and see.

Frank from New Berlin, WI

Mike, Wes, I'd like to hear one great Vic story from each of you. If could tell only one Vic story, what would it be?

For those who remember the season our "Final Thoughts" video intro was a spoof on the sitcom "Full House," the day we shot that is an all-time memory. Vic didn't understand Tyler's vision at all. He kept complaining about how stupid all these shots were, begging to be done, horrified at the thought of this appearing on the website. It was beyond a waste of time. A few days later, Tyler showed him the final edit and his face just lit up. He loved it, and I still to this day don't know if he's ever actually seen an episode of "Full House." Yet, he was beaming. If there was ever a day Vic truly embraced "being new," that was it. Godspeed, good buddy.

Steve from Portland, OR

Vic writing his last Packers column? Lombardi would say: "Well, write it, and then let's get the hell out of here!" ... Dash 30 Dash.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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