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Good News For Some On The Packers' Season Ticket Waiting List


The Lambeau Field renovation project will add approximately 10,000 new seats at Lambeau and some of those seats, as many as 2,500, will be available this year. "We're pleased the construction project is going so well that additional seats will be available for this season," said Packers Ticket Director Mark Wagner.

Notices have gone out to approximately 800 people on the season ticket waiting list, which currently totals about 56,000. In keeping with the new policy on user fees for season ticket holders, all new ticket holders will be required to pay a one-time user fee of $1,400 per ticket for the Green Package and $600 per ticket for the Gold Package.

"The people who are now getting an opportunity to purchase tickets have been on the waiting list a long time." said Wagner. "We expect there to be some excited and happy fans."

Wagner also said Brown County residents should remember that during the 2003 season, 4,000 tickets per game will go to Brown County residents. "We routinely get calls from people wanting to know when those tickets will be available," he said. "By the middle of this football season, we'll make some announcements as to how people can register to have their names added to the list of residents who want a chance at the tickets." Names will be drawn on a random basis and each Brown County resident selected will be able to purchase up to 4 tickets for a single game. Registrants will have to be at least 18 years of age, a legal resident of Brown County, and not a current Packers season ticket holder.

"This is a great time for Packers fans," said Wagner. "Not only will we be playing in a phenomenal stadium, but more fans than ever will have an opportunity to watch the game at Lambeau."

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