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Happy Festivus, Part II: Don't insult me!

This is where the memories are


Bill from Staten Island, NY

Vic, my grievance: Larry McCarren's left pinky finger. It's a distraction. Can we get him to tape that puppy to his ring finger for "Packers Today"?

No way! Larry was blessed with a gift. It's perfect for drinking tea with old women, and you can signal for a left turn while you're waving goodbye.

Thomas from Park Falls, WI

Vic, I know you have to tow the company line, but we as fans are not stupid. Ten wins, OK, the team has accomplished that, but it's the way they have done that all year that makes fans worry this team won't be able to rise up and make a playoff run. The offense was so boring and predictable against Oakland it was almost embarrassing to barely scratch 200 yards passing. Is it as simple as our tight ends and wide receivers just aren't very good, or is Rodgers not having a great year seeing the field and throwing the ball?

I don't know what the answer is. Maybe you've just been conditioned to have unrealistic expectations, because that's what Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' passing attack have created in recent years. Rodgers' stats are closer to realistic this season, and they are largely the equal of other quarterbacks who are being hailed for having career years. If getting all negative is your way of having fun, then go for it, but I'll tell you what really bothers me: It's that "tow the company line" stuff. I don't appreciate having my integrity and professionalism questioned. It's an insult I have to accept as a result of my position, but this is Festivus and we're airing grievances, and that's my No. 1 grievance. I hope you find a way to enjoy what remains of the season.

Jim from Saginaw, MI

This whole bat thing with Carolina is ridiculous, don't you think? My sons played for a successful high school program and when the playoffs rolled around, one of the captains ran out holding up a maul. The players all gathered around at midfield and the captain buried the maul in the ground. It was used to fire up the team and it worked. No one went out on the field and played dirty.

I don't think the bat thing is worth a whole lot of thought or discussion, but I don't like symbols of violence being used to represent a team's mentality for playing a game. I don't like bats or mauls or spears being tossed into the ground. It's hokey and insulting, and it makes a connection between violence and football that threatens the success of the movement to change the culture of the sport. For the culture to be changed, we must regard football as we do baseball, basketball and other sports, which is to say as a game. Football is not war; it has never been war. Yes, it's a physical game, and I don't want that to change, but the line that separates physical activity from violence must be distinct. Bats, mauls, spears and other such props blur that line.

Brian from Green Bay, WI

Vic, here is my specific grievance I wish to air: The season has only a few weeks left in it. The ride is nearly over and I dislike that.

This is the goal. This is the destination. This is why we lifted all those weights, to get to here. This is where the memories are. Enjoy them.

Steve from Bullhead City, AZ

Vic, the team scores 30 points and people are not happy. What do you expect to see from the Arizona defense against the Packers?

Speed and aggressiveness. Watching the Cardinals defense against the Eagles, I was reminded of the Seahawks defense. The Cardinals play NFC West defense. They fly to the ball and they arrive with stunning force. The Cardinals are the best team I've seen this year.

Adam from Madison, WI

My grievance? Fans thinking they know more about football than the men who have devoted their entire lives to being students of the game instead of critics of it.

My grievance: Fans that demand winning but also demand signing players whose performances are in decline, for no other reason than the fans recognize the name.

Steven from Milwaukee, WI

What is the ratio of fans writing in that seem to appreciate your style and treatment of football to those that can't stand you and wish to actually talk football, X's and O's, and not stories from your life? Despite the fact the former is heavily represented in the questions you answer, I suspect the actual breakdown skews heavily towards the latter.

I don't have that list in front of me, Steven, but my numbers are really, really good. Which kind of fan are you? Happy Festivus, everyone!

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