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Hard facts that must not be ignored

"Ask Vic Raw!" is dead; long live "Ask Vic Raw!"


Jeff from Cobb, WI

Vic, that was painful. It was like reading text messages from teens. Please continue to edit.

I will return to editing all questions. I'll do it because I value the readers that honor me with their questions. They deserve correctness and the best effort I can give them. I apologize to anybody who might've been offended by having their question appear in the raw, but I wanted to get a point across that I spend a lot of time fixing grammatical errors, and I'd like the grammar police in the comments section to cut me a break. Today's column was a snap. All I did was cut and paste the question. It saved a lot of time. Also, nearly all of the questions that were in today's "Ask Vic" were taken from before I announced I would be doing an "Ask Vic Raw!" on Friday. I wanted the column to be an accurate portrayal of what I receive daily. Thanks, everybody, for reading the column and plowing new ground in "Ask Vic" history.

Shane from Boise, ID

My girlfriend fits your description of a casual fan. She sleeps on the couch while I watch the games. However, with the Ray Rice incident, she's been very anti-NFL. It's going to be harder for me to convince her to even sleep on the couch now.

The league must get this right. Much is at stake.

Mike from Elm Grove, WI

Has the league gone too far? Well, I'm definitely a hardcore fan and I couldn't be bothered to watch more than half a quarter of Ravens-Steelers. Remember when that was can't-miss TV? I watched a sitcom with my wife. It isn't over-saturation either; I don't get ESPN (no MNF). I can't point to any one thing. Just didn't seem compelling.

As of last night, it was still can't-miss TV. The Steelers at Ravens game earned a 13.7/23 overnight household rating/share, which was a 108 percent gain over last year's comparable game on NFL Network, which was Jets-Patriots. Hey, Jets-Patriots is pretty good stuff; two high-profile teams from two huge markets. Yet, Pittsburgh-Baltimore more than doubled them up. Why? Because Steelers-Ravens promised violence. Also, last night's HH rating/share for the Steelers-Ravens game was 99 percent higher than the all-time best rating/share in NFL Network history. It's also important to note that last night's game peaked its rating/share just before the end of the first half. I hope somebody of importance gives those facts some real hard thought. The American football fan sent the NFL a message last night: Give us the old Steelers-Ravens.

Cary from San Antonio, TX

Vic, did you ever make that prediction you promised us for the Friday after the first game?

I did not announce it, so I will now. I expected the Packers to win that game. I liked the way they matched up with the Seahawks and I felt very strongly the Packers would win, until the last few days leading up to the game. I became concerned about stopping the run, and I expressed that concern in my game day "Ask Vic." Nonetheless, I thought the Packers would win.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, what's your gut feeling? Will the Packers be able to stop the Jets' running attack?

My gut feeling is this defense is going to take its game to a higher level, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have concern.

Cameron from Plano, TX

Did you see Peter King wrote an article saying the Packers need to switch to a 4-3 and do it now? I got a chuckle out of that this morning.

They played it against the Seahawks, they'll likely play it against the Jets, and I hope they play it so well that they make a permanent switch to it. I'm so worn out by this 4-3 thing that if it doesn't stop I'm going to have to do an "Ask Vic Hangover."

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