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He's getting two tickets to Brett Favre Day

Is “Headsetgate” next?


Bill from East Dubuque, IL

Why are the Pats and their fans in such denial of the facts? Shouldn't Brady and Kraft man up and admit their offense and move on?

The league isn't demanding a confession. I think it would be in the Patriots' best interests to just accept the punishment and move on. Pursuing this is only going to increase its visibility in the news. At some point, they'll run the risk of this becoming too much of a distraction to overcome. In my opinion, you shouldn't want to take this issue to training camp.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Vic, I know you're not a fan but, having lived in Florida, are you interested in seeing how far the Tampa Bay Lightning can go?


Ryan from Highland, IN

I grew up watching Brett Favre and saw how dominant he was, but somehow his greatness seems to be overlooked nowadays. Vic, do you have any exciting or impressive stories about Brett Favre?

I covered his first-ever start. It pleases me I can say that. His greatness isn't being overlooked. This summer, his greatness will be celebrated, and you'll be there, Ryan, at Lambeau Field, because I'm giving you two tickets to the bowl viewing of Favre's induction into the Packers Hall of Fame.

Amos from Ankeny, IA

I get chills and all the hair on my body stands up when I watch the clip of Cobb against Chicago in 2013. Every time! What past play does that for you?

I don't get those kinds of chills for a play – maybe that's what happens to you when you've spent a lifetime in the silence of the press box – but every time I see video of James Harrison's 102-yard interception return for a touchdown in the Super Bowl, I say to myself, "He did it again." It continues to boggle my mind that a man could run the length of the field through an entire team, trapped against the sideline, no less.

Ron from Dumfries, VA

Vic, what is your opinion on the NFL having teams wear throwback uniforms? I do not like it at all.

I like throwbacks, especially when they can be worn to truly resemble the era they're representing. For example, I think a lot of the old AFL teams, such as the Patriots, Broncos, Bills, etc., have the best throwbacks because they're still fresh enough to be worn as they were originally worn, but they're old enough and different enough to be throwbacks. A lot of the old-guard NFL teams are, in many cases, still wearing their "throwbacks" on an every-game basis.

Kyle from Oshkosh, WI

Vic, I've been a regular reader of your column for years now, but I just very recently started reading some of Cliff Christl's stuff on the team website. Being such a fan of the game's history, have you had many opportunities to interact with Cliff and get to know more about Packers history? Any good stories?

I talk to Cliff nearly every day, and we always get into a debate about the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I love talking about football history with Cliff. He's a Packers treasure. His most recent story about Tony Canadeo and his wife is a love story with a football bent. Reading it made me wish I had covered the game back in those simpler times.

Brandon from Barrie, WI

I don't understand why you are so opposed to teams being allowed to inflate their footballs to their quarterbacks' liking. Doing so would not create an advantage for certain teams, it would do the opposite. Right now, there are some teams that are at a disadvantage because their QB doesn't play as well with the level of inflation the footballs are at.

Draft a guy with little hands? No problem! Let him play with a Wilson Jr. You're in the "Ask Vic" Hall of Fame, Brandon.

Ethan from Grand Forks, ND

Now that we're past May 12 and free-agent signings don't count against you for compensatory picks, do you see any potential value for the Packers in any of the remaining free agents?

There are probably some guys out there that would be worth a look, but I'll pass. I like what I have on my roster.

Jere from Split, Croatia

Vic, do you believe the Packers' attempt at a dynasty run is over, or do they still have a chance as long as the best quarterback in the league is in Wisconsin?

I think the Packers are in the peak years of their current playoff run, and I expect those peak years to continue for another 4-5 seasons because I expect Aaron Rodgers' effectiveness to continue for another 4-5 seasons. Maybe it'll last even longer than that.

Josh from San Diego, CA

Vic, there was a story about Karlos Dansby and his headset not working when he played in New England back in 2008. Is this the beginning of "Headsetgate"?

It was just a matter of time. Here we go.

Cody from Hartford, SD

Would you support the NFL to adopt a double-or-nothing policy in regards to appeals? Win the appeal, no punishment; lose the appeal, double the original punishment.

The pursuit of justice shouldn't be turned into a game. This is a serious matter. The integrity of the game is at stake. Here's a question I haven't seen anyone ask: What if someone on the outside conspired to tamper with game balls? The answer, I believe, is he would be prosecuted criminally.

Dustin from Independence, MO

Vic, how do you feel about Steven Jackson? I mean, he's an aging veteran but I feel as though he's hungry and willing to give it all for his possible last contract. What do you think?

I thought this was sarcasm until I saw similar questions in my inbox. What is it about aging veterans with recognizable names that drives fans crazy? The Packers have one of the best 1-2 punches at running back in the league, and the reason they have that 1-2 punch is because they passed on Jackson the last time he was a free agent and found their young star in the draft.

Larry from Bristol, TN

What is the opposite of draft and develop? Which teams do that? And why?

All teams draft and develop; it's a matter of commitment. When you are completely committed to developing talent you've drafted, you express patience with that talent. You treat your practice squad as a place to develop young talent, instead of using it to address your weekly needs. When you are committed to developing the talent you've drafted, you don't cut someone because he had a bad game or he isn't developing as quickly as you'd like. As long as you continue to see in him the talent you saw when you drafted him, you give him time to refine that talent. Most of all, you hire coaches that are teachers, not just play-callers and strategists. I think I'm describing the Packers' approach to draft and develop, and it's kept this team on top for a long time.

Jeremiah from Bend, OR

How different would things be if the Patriots-Colts game had been a closer game?

That game is not the issue. If you think it is, you're missing the point. I'll allow the esteemed readers that contribute to the comments section at the bottom of this column to debate the issue.

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