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Herbert "Whisper" Goodman Diary


After starting the season with a win, the Scottish Claymores of NFL Europe have lost three consecutive games to fall to 1-3. All three of their losses have been decided by a combined 14 points.

The past two losses have come to the Frankfurt Galaxy, the only NFLEL team with an undefeated 4-0 record. This week the Claymores head back out on the road to face the Amsterdam Admirals (2-2).

Leading the Claymores in rushing and ranked third in NFLEL is Herbert "Whisper" Goodman, who with 259 yards on 65 attempts is averaging 4 yards per carry.

Eager to get to Amsterdam to snap his team's losing streak, Whisper paid another call to to continue his inside look at NFLEL.

Goodman: "The past two weeks we've had some really tough losses and that makes it three in a row. We could have won all of them.

"I think we have some all-stars on this team, so we should be getting it done. The problem right now is that we're just not executing, especially on offense.

"When the defense makes a stop we can't get on the field and go three-and-out, we've got to make plays and keep the chains moving.

"We haven't had a team meeting yet, but we're going to this week. I think a lot of the guys are starting to get distracted. We're only 1-3, but I don't think a lot of them realize that we're still in this.

"The thing we have to do is keep from pointing fingers. The second you do that you become an individual, and you win and lose as a team.

"Last weekend we played at Frankfurt, our second road trip of the year. I would have liked to have gone out and seen the area a bit, but we really didn't have the time.

"Traveling here is kind of a difficult process. Thankfully we have charter planes, I heard that in the past some teams had do to a lot of traveling by bus.

"But even traveling by plane we have to show our passports and have our luggage examined. They want to make sure that what you left with is what you come back with, so if you buy anything on your trip they examine that, too.

"Last weekend, by the time we got to Frankfurt it was time to have dinner and then it was time for team meetings and then it was time to go to bed. I just stayed in the hotel and played cards and dominos. That's fine with me. It's supposed to be a business trip anyway.

"My godfather, godmother and godbrother came into town last weekend. It was great to see them. After so much time with just my teammates it was nice to spend some time with my family.

"They'd never been to Europe before, and they're enjoying themselves so far. On my off-day, we walked around Glasgow and did some shopping. I didn't get anything for myself, but I did buy some shoes for my godmother and godbrother at Foot Locker.

"We went to lunch at KFC, had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and after that saw Showtime with Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro. It was pretty good movie, we had a fun time.

"One thing I don't do too much of here is watch TV. We only have about nine channels and they do have some American shows on that I recognize, but not many.

"There are sports stations just like in America, but here they cover football - which is soccer - and rugby.

"The one thing I do like to watch is a game called Snooker. It's like pool except the balls and pockets are smaller and the rules and strategy are different.

"Those guys never miss, so I can't imagine if they played on regular pool tables. I like to play pool myself, so I've been watching and trying to pick up some pointers.

"I think they play games in a best of 25 series, so whenever I turn the TV on it's always on somewhere.

"I'd say I'm adapting over here about as well as anyone. This team is a really good fit more me.

"This community is a lot like Green Bay actually. It's kind of a small town but everyone gets behind the team. Plus it's always cold here, so that's similar, too.

"During games they stay pretty quiet when the offense has the ball, but when the defense is in they're up cheering and blowing their horns.

"It's not as loud as an NFL game with 60 or 70 thousand people. Over here they get about 22 to 25 thousand fans, but they really get into it.

"I think the one thing I still haven't adapted to yet is the food.

"The other day we had this chicken dinner except instead of being just a chicken breast, the breast came with the drumstick still attached. One of my teammates said it looked like a piece of cat leg was hanging off it.

"I ate it though and it tasted good. I'd just never seen that before.

"And the one thing you really learn to appreciate is ketchup. Over here you have to pay about 25 pence for a little bit of ketchup. You wouldn't think it would be such a big deal.

"But I'm still having fun and it's been great to have my family here. They were out taking a tour today while I was practicing and they brought a camcorder so I'm sure tonight I'll have some stories to hear and maybe even a film to see.

"They're going to make the trip to Amsterdam to watch our game this weekend, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to see them.

"That's okay though, all I'm looking for this weekend is a win. We're still in this thing."

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