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Here's what I expect on Sunday

I'm thankful we're not eating chicken


Aaron from Fort Wayne, IN

Vic, Patriots fans are out there chortling all over the place while I sit calmly and listen. I can hear the football gods rumbling up above, obviously disappointed in the smug confidence of the Patriots. It's midway through the week and I'm looking forward to a great game between two top quarterbacks. What are you looking forward to seeing on Sunday?

A close, hard-fought, dramatic, down-to-the-wire spectacle of professional football being played at its highest level and on a storied field. Too much to expect? I don't think so.

Jon from Lynn, MA

Vic, I am thankful for my family, my close friends, my health and this sport we love. I am also thankful the team I root for takes care of its cap.

Without a healthy salary cap, we'd all be eating rotisserie chicken tomorrow.

Mac from Saint Paul, MN

Vic, I promise this isn't chortle, this is for the sake of being succinct: How does Bill Belichick wish to die?

Not by the run. I expect the Patriots to load up against Eddie Lacy. Why? Because if a team can run on you, it's over.

Ryan from Portland, OR

Vic, it seems like everyone is talking about Rodgers vs. Brady, the improvements both teams have made on defense and the coaching battle between McCarthy and Belichick. My sense is this game will come down to time of possession and, even more critically, field position. Rodgers and Brady are equally deadly with the ball on their opponent's side of the field. You control the ball and the field positioning, you win this Sunday.

I just don't see it that way. I see attack offense. All of a sudden, my inbox has gone three yards and a cloud of dust. Where did this come from? The headliners in this game are two quarterbacks that are averaging 300 yards passing per game and we should expect a return to 1970s football. I wouldn't be more surprised if I woke up with my head stitched to the carpet.

Bill from Raleigh, NC

Vic, I love your mantra about competing; something like do everything possible to win, except cheating. Since it's Patriots week, I have a cheating question. Have you ever heard rumor of a team sneaking a secret transmitter into a QB's helmet so the QB could hear coach's comments all the time? Statements like, "Deep right is open," or "Delayed blitz coming."

Yeah, I heard that rumor.

Will from Whitewater, WI

I was wondering, do you ever think to yourself what if Aaron Rodgers wasn't playing for the Packers, would they still be as good as they are today?

Of course they wouldn't be as good as they are today. The Patriots wouldn't be as good without Tom Brady. They were 5-13 until he became the starter, and then they won three Super Bowls. Anybody that doesn't think this game is a showcase for these two great quarterbacks is intentionally trying to avoid the obvious. This one might be for the MVP.

Geovanny from Arlington, TX

Vic, just wondering if you think Clay Matthews has more playing time on the inside ahead of him. Sounds like he's not a huge fan of it, but it's so darn effective.

He's going to be used creatively by Coach Capers, but as I look at the Packers' December schedule, I see the Nos. 26, 25, 29 and 30 rushing offenses in the league. Would it be logical to expect Matthews to spend a little more time out on the edge in December?

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