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How about that chemistry department, huh?

Don't allow the media to poison your mind


Judy from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, is it OK to pray for the team? You know, assuming you already have the big stuff covered, like world peace and starving children?

I pray for screen passes.

Tony from West Des Moines, IA

After learning the Packers' receiver group is the slowest in the NFL, I can understand why more teams are playing man coverage. How do you beat it?

You're allowing the media to poison your mind, and you're not the only one. I'm very disappointed in the lack of resolve I've detected over the past two weeks.

J.B. from Chicago, IL

Come on, Vic! Behind the mission statement of every university is profit. Nothing generates more of it than athletics. Not in a million years.

You don't have a clue. In 2011, the University of Wisconsin (No. 9) received $594 million in research and development grant money from the federal government. That's where the money is. Here we go, chemistry department, here we go. Stanford (No. 6) got $656 million, Pitt (No. 5) got $662 million, Michigan (No. 3) got $820 million and the University of Washington (No. 2) got $949 million. Johns Hopkins (No. 1) got $1.88 billion. I guess they don't need to play major college football, huh? Stanford's endowment alone is $17.04 billion. The worst thing any of those schools could do is to allow football to stain their reputation and eat into federal grant and endowment money. If you added in the cost of stadium construction and maintenance, football wouldn't even pay for itself. Most bowl games are money losers for the teams playing in them.

Luke from San Antonio, TX

Vic, do you not get it yet? The Packers are "The Chosen Team," the only one owned by the fans, the only one destined to win. They were never meant to lose, that is why we all get so upset when they do.

Now I get it.

James from Wausau, WI

In a perfect world, how does this year play out? In the world as is, how does Vic see this year playing out? I predicted a 13-3 year and so far it's turning out.

In my world, however the season plays out, it's perfect, because I have no preconceived notions or expectations, other than the expectation to watch the Packers play 16 times and chronicle another year in the history of this franchise. I'm on the bus and enjoying the scenery along the way. This year's journey is going to include the criticism and abandonment being showered on this team by the people who love it the most. When this team catches fire in December, I'm going to remind everyone of how they said it was too slow, and didn't have good plays, and wasn't calling the right plays, etc. We'll see what happens. I love the drama.

Sean from Chicago, IL

Vic, you wrote, "If you're not working on the next game, you're losing, because the other team's coaches are working on it." Do you fully believe that or do you think the hours coaches put in are a little unnecessary? It seems like the whole 100 hours/week, sleeping in your office thing is a little over the top, but having said that I'm so far removed from their world I probably can't understand what it takes to be successful in it.

You're absolutely right.

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