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How can Packers contain Jamaal Charles? Read Vic's chat transcript Editor Vic Ketchman conducted his weekly Friday chat


Hi, everybody, and welcome to today's chat. I'm ready to go.

Comment From Evan

Good afternoon Vic. Will Eddie Lacy play?

I think we'll know tomorrow, based on his listed participation in practice today. If he's listed as having been limited, I think he'll play. If he didn't participate, I might be tough to close the gap in two days.

Comment From Josh

Are we going to see a lot of two tight end sets to help chip on those excellent olbs?

It's a thought.

Comment From Pete Puma

Do you think Richard Rodgers will have a big role in the passing attack against KC?

Yes, I do. Using the tight end is a way to keep the OLBs busy.

Comment From Ric from Longmont

How are KC's linebackers? Might we employ the screen game to slow down the pass rush?

Sure, but you have to catch them up the field. It's a guessing game.

Comment From BenC

What has the defense lost with Clay Matthews taking snaps almost inside exclusively?

You know the answer to that. They lose their best edge rusher. Against Russell Wilson, a QB who you'd rather contain than rush, it's not as big of a loss as it would be against a pocket passer such as Alex Smith.

Comment From Guest

I liked what I saw from Nick Perry against Seattle. Hopefully, thats the start of a great year for him.

He has true physical talent, and it trends toward the power side. I see an expanded role for him this season if he stays healthy.

Comment From Dustin

Perry and Neal have played well outside. Is that the real reason the Packers were able to move Matthews inside?

I think Jayrone Elliott is a big part of that, too.

Comment From Mez

Against an offense like Kansas City, do you concentrate on stopping the run and make Smith beat you?

I think goal No. 1 is to stop Jamaal Charles.

Comment From Billy

The Chiefs have never lost at Lambeau Field. Does anyone from K.C. or the Packers actually think that has any kind of affect on the game?


Comment From Joe

What do you think about adding an extra bye week to the season for each team? It would seem to be a good move for player health, the quality of the product on the field, and it would probably result in a larger TV audience for each game (and thus more $ for everyone). Why do you think this idea hasn't really been discussed much?

I think we did that in 1992 or thereabouts, and it was judged to have been a failure. It's too many weeks with a thin product.

Comment From Jon

How do you approach Charles versus how we approached Lynch?

The Packers got into the gaps against Lynch, and they did a lot of run-blitzing or bringing safeties down into the gaps just as the ball was being snapped. I think you wanna play catch with Charles. He bounces more.

Comment From George

They have the stud tight end, but do the Chiefs have enough playmaking ability on the outside to keep to Packer defense from selling out to stop the run?

Maclin is their playmaker. Sam Shields will probably shadow Maclin. If Shields stops Maclin, that might be the equivalent of stopping Charles.

Comment From Chris Armstrong

What differences do you see between Rodgers game and Favre's?

It's the difference between a scalpel and a shotgun. How do you wish to die?

Comment From Cody

come on Vic don't give Maclin that much credit.

I didn't know that would offend you.

Comment From Chris

Have you ever had a chance to talk to Andy Reid? He seems like a guy who appreciates his time here and buys into the Lambeau "mystique"

He does. Coach Reid is a friendly but measured man. You're not gonna get him to say something he doesn't wanna say. He's a pro.

Comment From Guest

Hey Vic - how's the weather in Green Bya?

Absolutely gorgeous. If you don't like gorgeous, wait a few weeks, cause ugly is on the way.

Comment From Jim

I haven't heard much about the KC corners. What's your take on the matchups there?

I'm not that smart when it comes to all of this matchup stuff. Let's "speak" more fan like. You know what I mean? Leave the matchup stuff for the ex-players at NFL Network. You go there, everybody gets a scoop.

Comment From JohnnyRodgers

Only one man can leave the forest alive, who is it? - Joe Greene, Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White, Ronnie Lott, or Vic Ketchman?

Ernie Holmes.

Comment From Kenny

Will the game on Monday be over by the 4th quarter?

That's not my expectation. I don't like those kinds of games.

Comment From Marty

I am going to be at work in China when the game is on...can you text me updates?


Comment From Zach

Haven't heard much talk of two-high safeties causing the passing attack trouble lately. Have you noticed a distinct difference in the amount of two-high being run since the emergence of Eddie Lacy and the Packers running game?

You have to watch that kind of analysis because every defensive coordinator is trying to disguise coverages. Cover two and cover four can look identical, but they are very different coverage schemes. I saw Seattle in some single-high stuff, but at the snap of the ball the corners backed off and it might've become cover three. I don't know. Go to NFL Network. One guy calls it cover one, the next guy calls it cover 100. They all have a different take. I should just do it that way. Nobody would know the difference.

Comment From Jeff

Hello Vic, Aaron's ability to run/scramble is a major weapon but wouldn't it be nice to see him standing in the pocket with all kinds of time to locate an open receiver the way Patriots O-line does for Tom Brady.

There is nothing about Aaron Rodgers' game I want to see changed. I saw he and Tom Brady play against each other last year. Rodgers won.

Comment From Brett

Will you be interviewing Grudden this year?

I'm gonna let him alone. I've bothered him enough. But he was sure was fun to interview.

Comment From Langdon

My favorite picture of two of my heros

Think of what that was like for me. I sat there thinking to myself, "I watched this man score the winning touchdown in the Ice Bowl, and now I'm asking him questions." I felt guilty. I love these men. I don't want to see them go.

Comment From Dustin

If Harris is forced to play offense do you think he is ready for blitz pickup?

I think that's one of the reasons he won a roster spot.

Comment From Brett

If the Pirates qualify for the postseason, will you be watching out of the corner of one eye, or directly with both?

Corner of one. I'm in bed early every night cause I'm up at 5. But I want them to win. They were my team when I was a kid.

Comment From Steve

Why do announcers think their personalities need to be bigger them the players?

The good ones don't think that way.

Comment From Guest

Good column today with a wonderful opener. I'm impressed with the way your organization deploys your media talent: yourself, Spofford, Cliff, and the Rock are all featured to bring out their strengths.

Thank you. I agree.

Comment From David

How will the Packer's defense prepare differently for a slasher runner like Charles vs. a power runner like Lynch? Is there significant strategy differences? Thanks Vic!

As I wrote, I think you play catch with Charles. The Packers attacked Lynch.

Comment From Nolan

I know Matthews has said he is happy to do what is best for the team but do you think he resents playing inside?

I think he'd rather play outside, and that says something about his selflessness that he's played inside and never complained.

Comment From George

I'm too anxious to pay close attention to personnel during a game: Did the Packers play more base to stop Lynch, or did they still play quite a bit of nickel?

They played a lot of nickel, but everything changed at the snap of the ball. The Packers were outstanding at disguising their fronts last Sunday.

Comment From Duncan

Can you elaborate on what chasing Charles means? Sounds scary since he's so fast.

Catch, not chase. Catch means stay home. I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense. I'm beginning to sound like a coach. Charles wants to make you miss. Lynch wants to flatten you. Let Charles come to you.

Comment From dave

Who backs up Charles?

Knile Davis. He's a good return man.

Comment From Dustin

I know you are inside for most of the festivities prior to the game, but have you ever walked out to tailgate at any of the Packers games?

I wish I could but I have duties.

Comment From Eric

I heard we are ranked 30th against the run currently. I know it's too early for stats to mean anything, but it also goes to show you how misleading stats can be. I wouldn't want to try and run against us now and I certainly wouldn't want to do it once we get Guion back.

GB is No. 31 and you're right, it's too early for rankings. The opener ruined that ranking.

Comment From Guest

Vic - I was fortunate enough to attend last year's season finale, and I hope to repeat this year. Do you think the NFC North will be decided on the finale, again? I don't, but I think it may determine whether or not the Queens get into the playoffs

I don't know. What I do know is the Packers have a chance to put some distance between themselves and the other North teams early in the season. Detroit hosts Denver and then goes to Seattle. Know what I mean?

Comment From Justin

Vic - during a tour of Lambeau Field, you and I (and about 25 others) shared an elevator ride. I wanted to say hello but unfortunately didn't.

Why wouldn't you say hello?

Comment From Salvador

What's the feeling you have for this game? does the SB rematch means something?

The uniforms do, and that's why I think it's so important to not change your uniforms.

Comment From jake

vic we struggled with the read option AGAIN on sunday why is it so hard for us to figure out? we will for sure see it again next week with SF

It's not hard to figure it out. But figuring it out doesn't mean you can stop it. Russell Wilson is a runner. A runner's job is to make defenders miss. Wilson is a better athlete than most of the men who attempt to tackle him. He wins the one-on-ones.

Comment From Chris

Vic, this is the season we play the AFC West. How is it determined at which locale we play?

It's based on a predetermined scheduling formula. NFC North No. 1 plays AFC West No. 2 at such and such, and so on and so on.

Comment From Paul

Just how much adjustments can coaches and players do at half time?

They can make a subtle adjustment or two. Line splits and repositioning of backs are simple adjustments that can have major impact. You can't change the scheme dramatically.

Comment From Randall

Hey Vic, Jimmy Graham was a non factor last week but it didn't seem like Seattle tried to get him involved a lot. We know the Chiefs like using Kelce, is that one of the matchups you're circling?


Comment From George

What's for lunch today?

I don't eat lunch. I eat all night.

Comment From Tom

Vic, Is Rodgers chip on his shoulder a little bigger this week going against Alex Smith?

I think all of this chip on the shoulder stuff gives him a chuckle. The man has won two league MVPs and one Super Bowl MVP. If that chip ain't off his shoulder by now, it's gonna go with him to the grave.

Comment From Aaron

Vic - where can I get a giant hot pretzel at the game?

The concession stand. I would eat them three times a day for the rest of my life if my doctor told me they were health food.

Comment From Salvador

Is the process for answering the live chat different from the column?


Comment From Dustin

I know it's kind of a silly question at this point but being a member of the organization, do you get anything like a ring if they win a superbowl or just the memories?

I hope we find out. The memories are good enough.

Comment From Josh

Do you like Monday night games or do you prefer the regular routine of sunday morning games like MM?

Nothing is worse than covering a Monday night game on the West Coast for a team on the East Coast. I remember coming back from San Diego and getting into rush-hour traffic morning traffic in Pittsburgh. It was horrible.

Comment From George

Will you "go out on top," if the Packers win the Super Bowl?

No, I wanna do this for a while longer, but I wanna go south when the season ends, as I did last year. I'm not too old for football, but I am too old for Wisconsin winters.

Comment From Todd

In The off season do you volunteer time to the GB community?

I'm embarrassed to say I don't. I should.

Comment From Matt

I tried to say hi to you last year in Miami, but you ignored me. Then again, most of the team did too. Do you like having fans around after the game?

I love fans. I didn't ignore you. I would never do that to a fan. When I'm working, I'm all in.

Comment From schmiddy

The Chiefs' injury report is a blank sheet of paper. Do you think that could be a factor with many Packers nursing injuries?

I saw it and I thought to myself, "These guys are ready to play."

Comment From #36 Leaper

Will there be a meet and greet with fans for the Denver game?

We're going to do a Packers Everywhere event in Denver. We'll provide details.

Comment From Pete Puma

Vic, I really enjoy your work. Do you expect to wrap up your career in Green Bay? I hope you do, and hope your retirement many years off.

This is the last stop. There's nowhere I'd rather work. This is a fabulous team and franchise. I love covering this team.

Comment From Del

Do you have an extra room in you Florida home? I don't like the winters up here either.

I don't have a home in Florida. My home is in South Carolina.

Comment From Andrew

Vic - after only two weeks of football, what do you see as the Packers' identity this year? Clutch? Too early to tell?

They haven't achieved it, yet, but I think it's going to be balance on offense and whatever it takes on defense.

Comment From Aaron

Vic - how is the golf game? Do you get out much now with the season in full swing?

The golf courses in Wisconsin are sensational, but the season is too short. Most of all, it butts into the football season, so I gave up playing golf here. The last round of golf I played was the first week of June in South Carolina.

Comment From Justin

Vic, the hour is almost up... The Pack beat the Chiefs if?

They stop Charles.

Comment From Raj

Vic, your players to watch is/are ?

Watch Final Thoughts on Sunday.

Comment From Adam

Are most football games won by stopping the run game?

If you don't stop the run, you won't have a chance to do anything else, so I would say yes.

Comment From JohnnyRodgers

Do you like these new crop of golfers showing up in the PGA? I feel like the post-Woods zeitgeist, they're exactly what the game needs.

I love them. We need gritty kids, instead of guys who are satisfied to finish in the money. Watch what happens in the Ryder Cup going forward.

Comment From Sam

Do you think James Starks can be a full time running back while Lacy is out? If needed? It see,s like he complements better than features.

Sure he can, but I think James Starks has found his role. Chico Ruiz said bench me or trade me.

Comment From Jeremy

I just want to say I hope the Packer fans who attend the game on Monday try to rival the noise and energy the fans provided at the last game Sunday night.

I agree.

Comment From Torgo

Looking forward to 3 Ask Vics on Monday?


Comment From Vic Lover

What has been the most impactful play thus far for the Packers 2015 campaign?

Clay Matthews' interception in Chicago.

Comment From BryGuy

Gale Sayers, John Riggins - Kansas University

Bobby Douglass and John Hadl.

Comment From Be

Any jars on the shelf we should be keeping tabs on?

Absolutely. Keep your eyes on the offensive linemen on the practice squad.

That's it, folks. Thanks for sharing the hour with me and enjoy the game.

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