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How do the Packers put the loss behind them? senior writer Mike Spofford took reader questions in his weekly chat.


Hi everybody. Thanks for logging on. Week 3, here we go. Let's get to it.

Comment From Tom

Mike, why does this chat need a sponsor?

It doesn't need one, but we're glad to have one.

Comment From Guest

Martellus Bennett dropped a number of passes against Atlanta. Are you concerned about his part in the offense going forward?

I'm not sure Bennett is fully comfortable in this offense yet. I mentioned in Inbox this morning it took until Week 3 last year for Cook to start making things happen, and then unfortunately he got hurt. I think it's coming with Marty.

Comment From Jeff P.

We're on to Cincinnati... Love it. Can only pull that out every couple years

Once every 4, to be exact.

Comment From Nathan

Hi Mike! It's way too early in the season to be doing this, but which player would you most like to see healthy on Sunday?

I think I'd like to have either Bakhtiari or Bulaga healthy if the Packers can't have both. We know Spriggs is out multiple weeks, and playing McCray out of position is a tough deal. I'd like to see at least one of the tackles back out there this week, if I had my druthers.

Comment From Dean

Mike, when the Packers 'work out' a player, what does that entail?

Taking a prospect through some drills and conditioning workouts, kind of like a combine-style thing. They do it regularly, most of the time on Tuesdays. They're constantly keeping and updating files on players they might want to sign later to the roster or practice squad.

Comment From Lori

What are your biggest concerns as the Pack faces the Bengals? Is confidence lacking?

I don't sense any lack of confidence. With the Bengals, A.J. Green and Geno Atkins are the keys, one on each side of the ball. Don't let either have a big day. That's where I start.

Comment From Willie

The Bengals had extra time to prepare for the Packers. Do you see that as an advantage for them?

There's always an advantage to extra rest. The Bengals are 0-2 out of the gate and have had extra time to think about getting their season back on track. I expect to see a highly motivated opponent on Sunday.

Comment From Ethan

FYI, the website showed the chat starting at 10am, but when you clicked on the page it said starting at 11am. Not sure if that's happened last 2 weeks as I missed those chats.

Yeah, sorry about that. Last week I had to go at 10 a.m., and then it was going to be the same this week but I was able to change it back to 11. The media schedule for today changed late yesterday, so bear with me.

Comment From Ray L

Let's get this one out early. Any injury updates?

Sgt. Schultz, right? I know nothing.

Comment From Joe

Do you think the "Nitro" package is just a gimmick defense that most OC's will catch up to it quickly?

It's not a gimmick. It's a personnel package based on the offense's personnel. If the O goes heavy run formation, the Packers won't be in nitro, and if out of regular personnel they can run the ball down Green Bay's throat, the Packers would have to adjust from nitro.

Comment From Guest

Do you think Patriots and Cowboys nations get as upset about loss one as Packers' nation does?

I would imagine so. That's the nature of it. Everyone gets all jacked up for the one game per week, and losses are disappointing. Other teams are better sometimes.

Comment From Matthew

Mike, thanks for your take on the replay system in this morning's Insider Inbox. I wholeheartedly agree. Taking it one step further, it would be great if the replay official had no prior knowledge of the call on the field (if possible).

Interesting thought, but even that wouldn't be necessary if they just changed the "indisputable" language of the rule. I've heard from many that disagree with my take because this is finally a rule that favors the defense. I don't look at it that way. I look at it as trying to get the call right as often as possible.

Comment From Jerry Erie, Pa.

Rodgers has never beaten the Bengals yet. Is this weekend the time?

It better be. Packers can't let this one get away.

Comment From Bruce

Mike, Two part question. Is this a critical year (#3) for Rollins and Randall as far as remaining on the Packers' roster? SEcondly, how would you rate the Packers over the last several years as far as hitting on top draft choices (rounds 1-3)?

I wouldn't say it's necessarily critical for them remaining on the roster, because they'll have one year left on their rookie contracts after this year. But their performances this year will determine the future path/decisions in free agency, draft, etc., at their position going forward.

Comment From Sean_C

Mike, I couldn't help but be annoyed/aggravated when we were marching down the field in the 4th and the ATL defender "went down" with an injury. They were tired and on their heels. Is there not any rule or penalty for that? that seemed like a good cheap way to get a break for ur guys and get some subs in.

It happens all the time. I'm not really sure what anyone can do about it.

Comment From Willie

I disagree with you replay take this morning. The Falcons mobbed Rodgers and he got rid of the ball. Protect Rodgers and that play does not happen. Can we still get along even though we may disagree?

Sure. Even Rodgers admitted he needs to get the ball out quicker. The linemen were all cut blocking to get their defenders on the ground. That means the play was designed to be a quick throw. He can't hold it like that and set himself up for the big hit.

Comment From Joe

Mike, I haven't like the rub play since it first came into the West Coast Offense. It gives an unfair advantage to the receivers. Band it for good.

I hate those plays, too. This isn't basketball.

Comment From Ray L

Looked like Rodgers had someone over the middle on the fumble play if he got it out quicker. Did you see that?

I did not, but I can take a look at the film later.

Comment From Linda P

Mike, If the Falcons are the best in the NFC at this point..early as it is, are the Pats the best in the AFC? Steelers and Bronco's looked good.

Chiefs are right there, too. I think the AFC is harder to call right now, but I don't think anyone in the NFC is as good as the Falcons ... right now.

Comment From Ben

Will the referees hear from the league about the calls made in the game? Not to perseverate on last week -- just curious in general. League wide, no one seems to be happy with the referees.

Teams send in plays to be reviewed all the time. It's part of the process.

Comment From Dean

Mike if you had a chance to be a fly on the wall in the Packers draft room, would you? And of the last 5 drafts or so which year would you have liked to listen in?

I would love to do that sometime, and I requested it years ago, but no one was ever too keen on the idea.

Comment From Richard

I'm getting tired of everyone bashing the defense over Sunday night's performance. the problem was that they got no help from the offense like they did against Seattle. Don't you agree?

They didn't get much help from the offense against Seattle either. 17 points, with a 6-yard TD drive after a turnover. I look for GB's offense to hit its stride at home this week.

Comment From Jeff in Idaho

Hello Mike, 25 years ago Favre comes off the bench to win the game and life as a Packer fan has not been the same. I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I was playing in a college golf tournament and came into the clubhouse after my round to see the dramatics in the fourth quarter. I'll never forget it either, even though at the time I didn't really know what I was watching.

Comment From JD

I had a lot of respect for the work the backup tackles did on Sunday night. For anyone unhappy with their effort, go back and watch the Giants on Monday night. This is one of the reasons I believe Campen is a great coach. His players are always ready to give it a go and know what is expected.

I give Murphy and McCray a ton of credit for what they did, and you're right, Campen deserves props too.

Comment From Mark

Mike, it seems the Packer's injuries occur most on some type of artificial turf. With all the talk about player safety, is it time to make all surfaces uniform?

How can you? Several stadiums are indoors, where you can't grow grass, and the outdoor teams with grass won't want to switch.

Comment From Joe

Is Ty averaging over a 100 yards total offense per game? 1600 total yards is good for any back in the league.Isn't it?

That would be a heck of a year, but the Packers need to sub for Montgomery more if they want him to last, and be effective, all the way through the season. McCarthy knows he can't have this type of workload for 16 games.

Comment From Dennis

Were you as impressed as I was by the silence from the crowd in the 4th quarter? If the Falcons are the best team in the NFC, we were hot on their heels with an injured roster and their defense was gassed. If we can keep closer earlier, we can beat them.

To be honest, the place was emptying out. I hear traffic is awful in Atlanta, plus it was a night game, and with the score what it was ... a lot of folks didn't stick around.

Comment From Joe

Cook was a better fit for the Pack then Bennett but with the problems they now have at the Tackles sure nice to see him block.

Bennett is a very effective blocker, one of the better blocking TEs McCarthy has had, I think.

Comment From Razer

Given that injuries are inevitable, do you think we have enough depth on the D-Line?

Everybody would love to have more depth everywhere, but you only get 53 roster spots, and 46 on game day. No team can account for every scenario.

Comment From Ray N

Before we get too concerned about the Lions, consider the team they beat on Sunday night. The Giants' O-line is epically bad, Manning is an aging increasingly immobile QB, and the G-men have not scored more than 20 points in 8 straight games. The Lions have improved but, before the start of the season, the Giants were arguably the most overrated team in the League ...

I don't follow the Giants closely, but it seemed their O-line was an issue last year, and I'm not sure what they did to address it. They didn't add any dynamic running backs to help Eli, either. McAdoo will figure out a way to get it going, but for an 11-win team last year, they're off to a really rough start.

Comment From Ben

Do you read other journalists' articles about the Packers, or do you keep your head clear of all the other opinions?

I read a lot of other coverage of the team online. Other writers on this beat do a lot of good work and I appreciate the chance to learn things I might not have thought of on my own.

Comment From Picard90

I just finished reading the article on the interview with Eddie Lacy at ESPN, it's really heartbreaking to see trolls piling on him for his struggles with weight. We need to remind ourselves that football players are human beings, too. I wish him the best of luck in his NFL journey. Now, I'm excited to see what our 3 rookie RBs bring to the table. I think Williams and Jones are off to a good start, do you agree?

I read the Lacy piece, too, and while it's sad the way people attack others on social media, Lacy could just shut it all out, too. To each his own. As I said before with Monty's workload, I think we'll see more of Williams this week.

Comment From PAPackersFan

Just ONCE, I'd like to see us play Atlanta with a healthy roster. Start 2 O-linemen short, and then lose your best D-lineman and 2 WRs..... sheesh

Yeah, it was tough to hear 90 minutes before kickoff that both tackles were out. I wasn't expecting that. Then losing Daniels and Nelson in the first quarter just piled on. Maybe next time GB can finally be healthy against them.

Comment From Jim_flat

Do you think the fact that there is a game next Thursday it will effect what injured players play Sunday?

I don't think so, in the sense that if a player is cleared medically, I think he plays. How quickly he can bounce back to play again might be another matter.

Comment From Don H

I'm not worried. One game is not a trend. String together three sub-standard performances then we have trend to worry about. The game against CIN will go a long way toward defining the first quarter of the season ...

With two home games coming up, Packers have to hit the quarter pole at 3-1.

Comment From Nathan

Who is Andy Dalton now? The guy who was a byword for mediocrity early in his career, or the one who was playing at a Pro Bowl level a couple years ago?

Hard to say. He's won his share of games in this league. He didn't suddenly forget how to play QB, and he's got a dynamic target in Green. I guess we'll find out more Sunday.

Comment From JD

Kind of surprised that Jones got so many reps after Brice went down. With the way Evans performed in the preseason were you surprised and is this a result of his draft round or do you think he's really surpassed Evans at this early point in the season?

I felt Jones was ahead of Evans on the safety depth chart, so I wasn't surprised. I think we could be seeing more of Jones.

Comment From Ethan

Any chance we could ever get Mike and Wes in the chat? Or Wes has more important things to be doing, like stealing your lunch maybe?


Comment From Rodney

Do you think we get to see King go one-on-one with Green this weekend?

At times, maybe, but I'm also looking to keep a safety over the top of Green and try to single-up on the other guys more often.

Comment From Ben

Hi Mike, what will the Packers have to do to put that loss behind them?

Win on Sunday. That's it, that's all.

Comment From Matt W

Do you think the Packers D keeps the Bengals out of the end zone for the 3rd straight week?

That would really get the wolves howling in Cincinnati. I think the Packers could do it, but just get the win, whatever it takes.

Comment From Joe

I'm sorry I see Sunday as a typical "trap game"

I'd actually think that if the Packers were 2-0 right now, not coming off a loss.

Comment From Matt W

Mike can you handle 2 post game Insider Inboxes next week? At least they are both home games.

It makes for late nights/early mornings, however I decide to do it, but I'll do my best.

Comment From Joe

They were coming off loses last year when Indy came to town.

Right, and then they allowed a 99-yard kickoff return TD to start the game. So not doing that would be a great start to this one.

Comment From Jeff P.

This will be the Bengals first game with a new OC, do you think it will be feast or famine? Also how hot is Marvin Lewis' seat? To me it seems like Bengals fans have wanted him gone for some time now?

The playoff record has hung over Lewis for along time, and if the decision on the OC doesn't pan out, his seat will get hotter. But Lewis is a heck of a coach and he'll remain in the NFL for a while yet, I imagine.

Comment From Kevin

Hi Spoff, thanks for the chat today. I was predicting before the season started that we'd be seeing Ty in an almost equal share of the RB touches with Williams. Do you think that will come to pass at some point, or was I just wrong again?

Montgomery is going to continue to be the main guy, but I expect a greater division of labor with Williams from here on.

Comment From George

I was pleasantly surprised with the play of King at CB... Going into this game I wasn't all that high on the kid.

The Packers drafted him 33rd for a reason. There's no doubting all his athletic talent. It's too bad he had to miss almost the whole offseason program, but he's clearly settling in now.

Comment From Dean

I'm hoping to see more of Jones in the Nitro at linebacker with Burnett back. Seems like Jones size and aggressiveness and Burnett's experience would work well in that alignment.

I'm curious to see what the decisions are in that regard.

Comment From Linda P

Mike, Seems Like McAdo is on the hot seat. I read an article that said he is the worst head coach in the league. You know him. What do you think?

The worst? C'mon. The guy reached the playoffs last year in his first season at the helm. Beat a 13-3 Cowboys team twice. They're off to a slow start, but McAdoo can coach. Like I said before, I just don't see where they addressed their roster issues.

Comment From Lynn

When do we expect an update on injuries?

The first injury report will come out late today after practice, but tomorrow's will be more meaningful, because it will be after a full-pads practice.

Comment From Guest

If Jordy and/or Cobb are limited, who do you see stepping up more within the wide receiver corps?

Other than Adams, I think it's Allison. His first game was last week, and based on what he showed in camp and preseason, he's a player on the rise.

Comment From Bruce

As Packers' fans who do we root for this weekend? The 2-0 team within the division or the 2-0 team who most believe to be the front-runner for home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs? Maybe we hope for a tie?

Good question. The Packers will get two cracks at the Lions, so if you're pushing for the top seed in the NFC, you probably root for Detroit to win this one. The Packers will probably have to beat the Lions twice to be in the top-seed mix anyway.

OK, folks, my hour is almost up. I'll take a few more.

Comment From Joe

Why do you think that there are less and less quality Offensive Line men in the league? College offensives, CBA, or both?

I'm no scout, but I think the proliferation of spread offenses in college must have something to do with it.

Comment From Matt W

Baseball has set the record for most number of HRs in a season and is on pace for over 6000. Do you think it's really the launch angle, or is it the new ball, or something else?

Both of those, plus nobody takes the old "two-strike approach" anymore, because strikeouts are shooting up at just as high a rate.

Comment From Steve

Cubs or Brewers win the division ??? Big four game set coming up ...

Cubs have been hotter than heck since the Brewers swept them, so it'll be tough for the Crew. I don't mind seeing the Rockies take some more losses, though.

Comment From Ethan

See, if Wes joined, we would close out with Game of Thrones questions instead of baseball.

He'd love that.

Comment From Ray L

Just beat Bengals, and take solace in the fact that either the Lions or the Falcons will have a loss on Monday.

I like that for today's last word. Thanks everybody. Have a good week. Take care, Mike

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