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How good is the Packers defense?

If it looks like a catch, it is a catch.


Mat from Albany, NY

Vic, what do you think created Aaron Rodgers' concern and how would you find a solution to that problem?

He's a perfectionist and an intense competitor. He didn't like the Packers' performance on offense, which included three possessions ending with a turnover, one ending on downs and four ending with a punt. Two touchdowns, two interceptions, 241 yards passing and an 82.8 passer rating is beneath Rodgers' standards. I'll also tell you a lot of quarterbacks I've covered wouldn't have considered that a bad day at all, especially considering one of the interceptions was the result of a tipped ball. Think of how spoiled we have become that Sunday's performance was beneath our expectations. The solution? Run the ball. A strong running game fixes everything.

John from Winona, MN

Vic, I don't think the NFL can remove replay at this point. Its only option is to add more, much to my and it seems your dismay.

The league created this beast and now it's off the leash and terrorizing the game. There is seemingly no option but to turn the game over to replay and review everything. Is that the solution? In my mind, the real problem is replay review has sensitized us all to officiating, and perfection is impossible, even with replay review. Mistakes are inevitable and must be tolerated. Those days have passed.

Julian from Cali, Colombia

Is our defense a shutdown defense yet? I feel like we haven't played an elite QB, other than maybe Russell Wilson. I believe this group is special. Where do you rank them, not the NFL ranks by numbers, but just by your knowledge? Where is the Packers defense really ranked?

It's not the '76 Steelers, '85 Bears or 2000 Ravens, but none of those defenses would be what they were if they played according to today's rules. The Packers defense is good enough to take away what you do best. That's how I judge it, and that's as good as it gets in today's game.

Max from Green Bay, WI

Vic, who does Ha Ha Clinton-Dix remind you of? Does he have a little bit of Lawyer Milloy in him?

I see some Ken Houston. I wonder if Mark Murphy agrees.

Doug from La Grange, IL

What is the key to good route-running for a wideout? Is it hands at the point of attack to get off the defender? Is it extraordinarily quick footwork to make the deceptive break, or a combination of both?

I think it's a still head and knowing when to sit down in a zone. Defenders watch the head. If it raises going into a move, the receiver will tip the move and the defender will jump it. It's also very important to be able to read a zone defense and know how to find the soft spots.

Nathan from Bismarck, ND

In the Vic rulebook, what is the definition of a catch?

If it looks like a catch, it is a catch. Possession is the issue, and we all know what possession is. Did Calvin Johnson have possession of the ball? Of course he did. That's what started the whole mess. We ruled against common sense.

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